Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting ready for Disney World

We will soon be getting ready to take the triplets to Disney World for their first trip to the Magic Kingdom. We will be staying on the grounds of Disney and will visit all the parks. I may need some extra Valium for this trip. To prepare the kids we started a count down to Disney at the start of September, marking off each day with notes as to who was good, what chores he or she did and if he or she got into trouble.. They have loved it. Then today the kids got a letter from Mickey Mouse telling them how excited he is that they will be coming for a visit and I did the Mickey on a Shelf for the next two weeks. He is watching over them and if they are bad he may have to close Disney.. I will let you know how it goes...

Wish us luck.

Friday, August 13, 2010

WOW so much is going on.. so sorry for the delay

As you can imagine it has been a busy but awesome summer at our house. We started the summer by going to Kiawah Island off of Charleston South Carolina. The kids had so much fun, so did Mom and dad. It was a blast. The summer was full of pool time, Lake Lanier Islands and family time.

I made a call as a mom, a call as an individual to cancel therapy for the summer. I thought the kids deserved to have a schedule free summer, and that we did. It was so much fun and so relaxing. I do not think they suffered as a result, in fact I think they thrived on the freedom.

There have been a few issues, JM's issue with socks and clothes has progressed, he has certain socks he will not wear and vice versa. Same thing with clothes, he only wants soft shirts and soft shorts. It is what it is...

Now, here we go school has started yet again, we are repeating K... and planning our first trip to Disney World..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wow it has been a while

So much has happened since my last post, so much going on. Sorry for the delay but life happens. I have been having an awesome summer, there have been ups and downs, the kids have done great. We took them on a beach vacation, they loved it, Kalie loved the ocean, waves, sand and all, okay so they all loved the ocean, they are truly my children.

We are going to repeat Kindergarten next year, my choice, I just do not think they are ready, and well neither am I..

The kids were evaluated again by the developmental ped. John Michaels diagnoses was confirmed and now Kalie is on the spectrum and has selective mutisim Douglas is all boy but they placed him border line. Life goes on.. they are great kids and I could not love them more.

I said earlier this year that this was going to be an awesome summer, and it has been. I have had so much fun with the three of them and with my husband. It will be over before I know it.. then what..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is normal anyway?

Today was not unlike any other days I have had in recent past, with the exception of having someone who lives close to me tell me that they are so "happy" that their children are normal. Being the person that I am and not being able to bite my tongue, I asked her so what is normal, and what makes a child normal? Of course, I never got an answer and yes it got me to thinking about what it means to be normal.

My normal is very different from many people's normal, but just because it is different from everyone others does it make it wrong or not normal? I do not think it does, yes my children are special, yes they are wonderful and no my life is not like that of yours nor is yours like mine or like that of others. Normal is different from everyone, that does not make it bad, that does not make me and my husband bad parents. I do things differently than most, but I do what works for my family, for my children, that does not make it right for everyone else.

You see that is the thing about children on the spectrum, there are no two alike, they have different stims, triggers and things that set them off, so what works for one family may not work for another. We are all doing the best we can, instead of judging us, educate yourself, ask us what you can do to help, we would rather the questions than the judgment.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I did not know

What I did not Know..

I have learned to deal with the looks and whispers behind my back.
I know that many people think I am a bad mother or my husband is a bad father.
I know that there are a lot of judgments about the way I do things and the way I handle my son.
I know, because like so many, there was a point in time in my life when I made the same assumptions as so many are now making about me.
What I did not know about Aspergers children will amaze you, it still amazes me.

I did not know that today my son would need a twizzler so bad that nothing else would do, that he would ask for it repeatedly and even thought I did not have any in the house it would not matter. He wanted it so that was all that was important. I did not know he would not understand or grasp that there were none here. However, when tomorrow gets here and I have twizzlers that he will no longer want them and will have moved on to Gum as that is what I gave him yesterday to calm him down. Too bad I no longer have gum.

I did not know that his socks would hurt his feet which would result in him having a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store. I did not realize that the tag inside his shirt would itch and irritate his skin, I did not know that his shorts had to be made out of a certain material or it would irritate him. I did not know.

I did not know that his world was black and white, that he saw things in tunnel. I did not know that there was no gray in the world. I did not know that rules would be unbendable and that you had to do the same thing at the same time everyday to avoid meltdowns.

I did not know that while my child would be so different he would also be so amazing and loving. I did not know how much it would hurt me when you leave my child out from playing. I did not know how much it would hurt him when he is left out of games, and activities that all other children are included in.

I did not know that so many adults would be so uneducated on Aspergers and on what it means to have an Aspie child. I did not know how many people would not even try to understand my child and would just make assumptions based on their experience.

I do hope that the next time you see me at the park, pool or a social even that you will not feel sorry for me, I am blessed to have the unconditional love of an Aspergers child. What I hope is that you will understand and instead of talking behind my back, ask what you can do to make my child apart of our neighborhood.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids Sixth Birthday Party: Knights and Princess..

For the kids sixth birthday party we used the theme princess and knights. Lets just say it was awesome. I am not sure that I could ever duplicate this party, but I have to say it was well worth all the efforts that T and I put into it.

My invitations were printed on cloudy paper, with the wording:
By Royal decree, for all in the land, A grand birthday party is now being planned. Sir D, Sir JM and Princess Kalie are six. We are really excited, if you could please join us, we would be so delighted! Every Princess and knight, mark the notable date. At 6:00 o'clock have your carriage arrive at the gate. The 23rd of April is the festive day. At the famed ****** castle, your mom knows the way. We shall have a grand time, so come one and all. If you plan to attend the queen request a call ***-***-****. Well have a yummy banquet and games to entertain and no one goes home until the dragon is slain. If I tell you much more, it wont be a surprise, youll have to come see with your own eyes! So please be our guest, oh before I forget the party ends at eight.

My menu was simple, we served: Dragon Dogs (hot dogs) Dragon Scales (Doritos) and Dragon Nails (Bugles) as well as Capri Suns, Soda's and of course cupcakes

My cupcakes were Pebbles Cupcake Cereal, Made like rice Crispi treats. Make sure to use an ice cream scoop to put them into the cupcake shape.I topped the boys with dragons, knights and horses and the icing was red..The girls were topped with a princess crown.

Decorations, this is where I went overboard.. With the help of a friend we made a castle entrance, draw bridge and dragon that were placed on my fence.

The garage was decorated with yet a second castle, this is where I had the tables for arts and crafts set up as well as the food. For arts and crafts the girls made fair lady hats, princess pointy hats and wands. The boys made shields.

I filled a small chest with the kings jewels, crowns and beaded necklaces, do not forget the rings.

For favors I had a medieval cup, bubbles adorned with a sword and fruit gummies. In addition each child got to take home a sword and a horse on a stick.

For fun we had many games sat up, sack race, ring toss, horse shoe toss and even a castle to color.

I got an awesome blow up dragon from Oriental Trading that we used to end the party. It was taken down off of the play system and the kids attacked it with their swords, and ax's.

At the start of the party all the horses were placed at the bottom part of the play house with the weapons at the top.

Yes I overdid it but it was so worth it to see the look on all of the kids faces.
all the pictures can be viewed here...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some adults amaze me. Really making fun of an asperger's child

I had an incident recently where JM was upset because he wanted a grape drink but it was not cold. Someone else in the group where we were was watching the entire episode. She watched as I placed a grape drink in the cooler for him and explained that in about thirty minutes it would be cold. I then convinced him to go on a walk with me. We get back and there she is drinking the grape drink. She smiles and says oh, I put another one in, hope you did not mind. JM of course looses it. He has a complete melt down. This person then starts to make fun of him, telling him he is a sissy, that she is going to get him a dress and diaper. That he needs a bottle and is a sissy baby girl.

I was speechless. I had no idea what to say or do. I picked up my baby boy and drove him to the store to get a grape drink. It took all I had not to slap her into next year. Why are people, ADULTS at that so stupid. So ignorant, so idiotic. My son has aspergers, he is six years old and yes he has melt downs. It happens. but to treat him that way is uncalled for. 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Sixth birthday my angels..

It is hard to believe that I now have six year olds. They had such an awesome day yesterday, sorry I was busy all day with them did not get to post. We woke them with breakfast, daddy stayed home and ate with us, I then drove them to school. I later surprised them by bringing them lunch to school, after which we shared ice cream with all of their classes. I met them at the school bus with balloons on the mail box and with cupcakes for all their friends. They got their presents once daddy got home and were allowed to stay up late last night, we played outside till close to 7:30.

All in all they  had an amazing day, I had an amazing day and am happy to say that they are my children. What an amazing six years it has been.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One week to go till their birthday

I can not believe that in one week my babies will be six years old. It seems that the years are going by faster now that they are older. I have no idea where the first six years went. I look at them and wonder how they got so big so fast and where all the time went. Do not get me wrong I am enjoying my almost six year olds and am loving that they are so independent now. I do miss the tiny babies I once had, how adorable they were. I do not miss the work of the first year. I do not remember sleeping that year. I remember a lot of things but it seems to all be a big blur.

People often ask me if I would do it again, if I got pregnant with triplets again yes I would. This has been a challenge and a struggle for our family but it has also been a blessing. However I would not try to get pregnant with triplets, or twins. Multiples are hard work, they bring many blessings and rewards to your life but they require so much more of "you" than a singleton does. I am happy I have them, happy that I was blessed with triplets and happy that they will be six in one week.

Friday, March 05, 2010

So Honored to recieve a Beautifuel Blogger Award

My first one for 2010. I got my first award for 2010! Thank you! The rule, like the ones I've gotten before, is to pass the awards to 15 other bloggers but I'm only giving it to ten other women bloggers and here's the list in random

so I am a few shy of 15 but this will do for now.. Please check them out as they are some awesome blogs.
Now I am asked to post some random facts about myself as a result of this.
1. I am a new fur baby mom of Max the Sheltie, who has become a huge part of our life. 
2. I recently went back to school to obtain my Masters in Special Education, wish me luck
3. I miss my kids being babies, they grow up so fast and are such great kids but sometimes I wish they were cuddly babies again.
4. I love living in Georgia.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Almost six years old

It is hard to believe that at the end of the month my babies will be six years old. Yes I know that they are far from the baby stage but they will always be my babies. We have come so far in the past six years and they have achieved so much. I am so proud of them, of all that they can do, of how much they love and how sweet they are. It is going to be a good year for us and we are excited about their birthday parties.

Kalie has been a tyrant as of late, I know it is mine and KP's fault as we allowed her to come back down stairs after bed time to eat with us a few times, or to color. She got to where she expected this, and it did lead to her watching tv in our room a couple nights, and again now she expects that. She is getting bossy and thinks she can sass us. So now we are having to do the work to retrain her, to get the point across that mom and dad are the boss and not her. We did this to ourselves so I am not asking for pity just advice if you have any.

The boys are doing just great, school is moving right a long and they are showing improvement every day in their work. We had snow AGAIN yesterday and they were not even excited about it. They love our Maxwell and enjoy having a new dog in the house.

So nothing exciting, nothing much to write about..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Great report from School this morning

I requested a meeting this morning with the kids teachers, IEP coordinator, and IEP teacher. I was very nervous about the meeting but when in with an open mind.

I was very pleased with the meeting and agreed with what the teachers are thinking. As many of you know it was never my intention to start the kids in K this year, we did it as a result of the lack of PreK slots being available. I honestly did not think they were ready. They have done very well this year and have come a long way, but as far as myself or the teachers would have liked. As a result right now the plan is that they three of them will revisit K next year. This will give them time to grow so they are not the smallest in the class, and to learn the things they have struggled with this year.

Our state has very STRICT and tough requirements as a result it is better for them to get ahead of the curve by repeating now, so they will not struggle in future grades.

The best thing said all morning was that the teachers, staff do not see that JM's Aspergers is effecting his school in any way. He is very smart, pays attention and has had a good year. He does receive extra help but all in all his aspergers is not affecting his behavior at this point in school.

Needless to say this made me very happy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It seems the topic of the month is Peanuts and Vagesta's

I guess one day these will be great black mail stories for the children but right now it just makes me shake my head and oh yes much later laugh my behind off.

The other day JM and KR were upstairs playing, after about twenty minutes it got very quiet. As you can imagine this is very odd in our home so I ran upstairs to see what was going on, there in Douglas's room stood the two of them but naked. I very calmly asked them what was going on, asked why they were naked here are my responses.

KR "Mom, JM was showing me that he can move his peanuts up and down and that it sticks out"
JM calls his penis his peanuts, not sure why but he does.

JM then says "Yes, mom just showing her my peanuts and how it moves so much."

KR "yes and I was showing him that I do not have two butts that it is a vagesta and a butt, and where I pee from"

Me "okay, lets get our clothes back on right now and go down stairs for a chat"

they get dressed and we all sit down to discuss that we do not get naked in front of our friends and that while our bodies are beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of that we should refrain from being naked in front of each other.

They said oh like they said during good touch bad touch.. I said yes and they were fine..

Needless to say shortly after I had a glass of wine.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weight loss sucuss

I am very happy to say that I have now reached my second mini goal. With one more Mini goal to go before I make it to my main goal I am very happy with my progress. When I started this journey I had allowed myself to get up to 168 lbs. I decided that I was fat and happy, so why bother and after all I had triplets what are the chances of me losing the weight and looking good in a bathing suit anyway.
So what snapped me out of it, I went home over the holidays for a family funeral. While at the funeral NO ONE knew who I was, I was even mistaken for a family member that is over 200 lbs. I got home and told my husband not ever again. I started my diet and exercise routine.
After a month I joined a gym and since starting to go to the gym I have lost even more weight.

I am doing the bike and circuit training. I hope to start a spin class in about another month. I also hope to be down another five to ten lbs by then. My goal weight is 130 lbs, however I am thinking of changing it to 125.

So what am I doing, the first thing I did was give up cokes, I was drinking five a day. Now I drink one Coke Zero in the morning and have a bowl of Special K with low fat milk for breakfast. For lunch I have a protean drink or a salad, my snack is a Special K snack bar or fruit and dinner is baked or grilled and never fried. I also switched to I can not believe it is not butter, EVO and multi grain pasta. I am down to 145 now and am very happy to say that a lot of my clothes are falling off of me. I am however not going shopping till I get to my goal weight, so if you see me and it looks like my pants are falling off, well they probably are.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second round of snow for us this year

Wow this never happens. We got four inches of snow last night, it is so beautiful. The kids and Max had so much fun in it this morning. However I must say that I will be very happy that tomorrow it will be gone.. here are some pictures.

How on earth did I forget to introduce you guys to Max, earlier this week we proudly became the forever home for Max, he is a Sheltie and yes, while there are some issues getting adjusted we are going to work through them. The kids love him and to be honest John Michael is a different child around him than what he is without him.

So enjoy the pictures and yes everyone is healthy for now...

A weight loss update, it is coming along very well. I have lost a total of 24 lbs and am enjoying my new routine at the gym. I have 15 lbs to go to make it to my target weight, that is if I do not drop it by another five lbs. I guess when I get to the 15 I will post pictures and see what everyone things. If I should keep going or stop..

Monday, February 01, 2010

Swollen Lymph Nodes, cough- when will winter end???

I am so done with flu and cold season. It has been a hard winter for us, the kids started it off with getting swine flu which was followed by three kids with strep throat, we have stomach virus's and a handful of colds.
Sine the start of the new year we have had two stomach bugs (fun times) one case of Strep throat and three colds. Now I have one with an infected lymph node (my strep throat child) which is believed to be caused from the strep, and one really bad cold.

I am so ready for this flu and cold season to be over, to have healthy kids for more than two weeks in a row and to not be running to the doctor every week. It is just getting old. I know that this is just part of having children and that all kids get sick from time to time, it just seems we have had our fair share of sickness this year.

Okay vent over..

On a side note I have finally made the decesion that it is time to lose some weight. I have been yo yo dieting since having the kids and think that it is time that I change the way I prepare our food and change our life. In doing so I have joined the gym, to which I work out for two hours five days a week, I gave up coke's and now drink water more than anything. So far I have lost 18 lbs, I started this on Dec 26. Yes I know most start this on Jan 1, but when I do that I end up yo yo dieting. Now I want to make a real difference in our lives, eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves so that the children will see us, daddy and I, doing this and they will in return hopefully have a healthier lifestyle as they grow up. Not to mention how much better I feel and how much more energy I have now that I have started.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fascanation with keys!!!

All the sudden, and what appears to be out of no where JM has got it in his head that he needs keys, in particular he needs a key to the house so he can lock and unlock the door. This started about a week ago, I was able to humor him by giving him an old key. Since then as soon as he gets home from school he puts it on, he has it on a necklace he made at school. He then walks around all afternoon trying to unlock things. Well starting yesterday he realized that my house key would really unlock the door and he now wants a key to our house. He in fact does not understand why I will not just give him my key.

So for the past two days he gets off the bus, I want a key now, I want a key that will unlock the door, I want a key now, the winning, the crying OMG I am so close to giving him my key.
I think that tomorrow I will go have him a key made, so at least he can unlock the door when he is home, I know that is my best solution but really how long could this last and should I give into his obsessions.

He has been sitting here since the bus dropped him off over thirty minutes ago and has done nothing but cry and complain about not having a real key...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My sensory seeker is driving me crazy..

He has been out of control as of late, he seems to be lashing out at his brother and sister more and gets agitated so easily right now, then when I fuss at him he hides behind something and cries. I have to let him know that his behavior is not acceptable, but it kills me to see him so upset, he says I am just a bad boy, my body just needs to do these things.

I get that he needs the high impact activities, but it is so stressful when you are cooped up inside for a few days because of bad weather and he can not run around and get the high impact activities that he needs. I try to allow him to have some indoor activities that are safe for him to do, will not result in something getting broken, but the older he gets the harder this is.

I think that maybe I just had a very long weekend, I am not sure, but for some reason I am very stressed and just needed to vent. He has been all over the place lately, running, jumping, hitting, and beating up his brother as he says.

Today has been better than the past few days so hopefully he has been able to get some of it out of his system..

Now to my Girl.. I took her shopping Saturday morning, my sister joined us, from the time my sister got in the car till we dropped my daughter back off at home which was over two hours, she did not say one word. She whispered yes to me when I asked her if she wanted to go home. Please tell me we are not going backwards with her.. She knows my sister, she should have talked..

pitty me time over..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Conversations with Triplets

Having triplets you find yourself having conversations you never dreamed you would have, from do not play with your brothers penis, play with your own to trying to explain to a five year old that she does not have a "winny"

Last night was one of those times and it was well just to priceless not to share:

So keith is out of town this week for work, last night for a treat I let the kids take turns taking a bath in our room and watching tv on our bed.

Kalie was last when I get her out of the tub and am trying to dry her off she says to me

"Mom, I will dry my winny, its my privates and you should not touch it"

It took all I had not to bust out laughing. I explained to her, yet again, that she does not have a winny, she has a vagina, a monkey or a frog but never a winny.

she said

"but the boys have a winny, I want a winny, why can I not have a winny, mom can you make doug or jm give me their winny and I can give them my vagesta"

okay by this time I am rolling on the floor. I can not help it.

Douglas then says "there is no way I am giving her my winny, I like it, it makes going potty easier and I do not want to potty out of my but like Kalie does"

John Michael

"No, Way mom. I am keeping mine, what would I play with in the bathtub if I did not have one"

so we have a winny and a vegesta... I have always called them penis and vagina to them. Just goes to show they are going to call it what they call it.

As you see it is not all hard work, there is a lot of laughter as well

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Report Card time.

No big surprises this go around. All in all the children are doing very well and the teachers, as well as myself, are very impressed with the progress they are making.

The few issues we are having are as follows:

Kalie is not answering questions, that the teacher knows she knows the answer to. She shy's away and puts her head on her desk when asked a question in front of everyone. Kalie has been close to being diagnosed with selective mutism several times, so to be honest this is not surprising to me. I just makes me feel like she is not making as much progress as I though she was on coming out of her shell.

John Michael, is doing very well. He has progressed and is learning, catching on. He still gets help with Math and Reading as well as has a mentor. He loves school but has had some behavior issues, which with his Aspergers is no big surprise to any of us. He needs worm with some minor learning things.

Douglas had a very good report, he is learning very fast, reading and doing math. The teachers are very impressed on how far he has come. For someone with cyst on his brain that was going to have a hard time learning, he is doing awesome. I think he is making some doctors look silly...

All in all I think that the kids have done very well in school and that they are progressing very well. I am very happy and surprised at how well they are doing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Snow Fall of the year.


Well we finally had a snow fall in the area that was enough for the kids to play outside and enjoy the weather. Never mind that it was bone chilling cold and the kids were beside themselves. Thank goodness to some great neighbors who allowed us to play over there and sled down the hill it was two days of fun and excitement for the kids.

It is no big surprise that the boys loved every minute of it, however Kalie was not so crazy about it at all. She loved the snow but did not like the idea of going down the hill. I had to make the boys come inside to warm up and to change into dry clothes. All in all it was worth every minute of the cold I had to experience, the kids faces and the fun they had was awesome.

I know for some that this little bit of snow is silly to make such a fuss about, after all we lived in Chicago for eight years, but down in the deep south, just a dusting is exciting. I am very proud of JM and how he did with all of it. They had so much fun, and there were so many kids out there. We did not have one melt down, one fussy moment or one thing to whine about..

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year..

Happy New Year everyone, we rang it in quietly, in fact I think we were all asleep. We have had a nasty virus in the house for almost a week now so it has been a matter of everyone getting better and taking care of puking kids. I think we woke this morning to no more vomiting but I still have one that has yet to show signs of having it, so who knows.

We had a great Christmas in our home with the boys get new big boy bikes, and KR getting all things Zhu Zhu, yes I was able to track down most of the pieces that comes with the dear Zhu Zhu as well as three different Zhu Zhu pets.

This past year has brought so much into our lives and while we have been blessed with so much we were also give the definite diagnosis of Aspergers for JM. As well as the news we made some wonderful changes in our lives. The children turned five with a party at Tuck N Tumble, followed by graduation from pre-school. Our summer was full of first, including them starting to swim, losing the training wheels, and our first camping trip. In addition we had our first trip to the water park, which was an awesome experience for everyone. Summer soon came to an end with the start of Kindergarten, which for the first time we separated them into their own class rooms.
They have thrived in school and love being in their own classroom.

I had ankle repair surgery to fix the damage I have done over the past ten years through brakes and sprains. We celebrated Halloween, and Thanksgiving with not much excitement, with a full house infection of the swine full in between.

Christmas came and the kids were amazing, I hosted an arts and crafts party for 20 children in the neighborhood, followed by a visit from Nana and Papa. Christmas eve was exciting to say the least, rain and storms meant that we all got wet while we feed the reindeer their food. Decorated cookies for Santa then off to bed. As soon as we were sure all three were asleep it was time for a visit from Santa himself. As we were preparing for him to come we lost power, which remained out for about three hours. Needless to say by the time it came back on Santa had come and gone. I have no idea how he assembled the zhu zhu pet house's with no lights in the house and only by candle light but he did. Christmas morning was so sweet and special. The kids had so much fun and were so thrilled by the many things that Santa, family and friends had given them.

The house is back to normal, with only the tree's to be taken down, which will occur today. We are ready for an awesome new year and look forward to many first and exciting times. We hope to go camping yet again and maybe even to the beach.

Thank you dear friends.. Have a blessed New Year and may all your dreams and hopes come true

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