Monday, March 22, 2010

One week to go till their birthday

I can not believe that in one week my babies will be six years old. It seems that the years are going by faster now that they are older. I have no idea where the first six years went. I look at them and wonder how they got so big so fast and where all the time went. Do not get me wrong I am enjoying my almost six year olds and am loving that they are so independent now. I do miss the tiny babies I once had, how adorable they were. I do not miss the work of the first year. I do not remember sleeping that year. I remember a lot of things but it seems to all be a big blur.

People often ask me if I would do it again, if I got pregnant with triplets again yes I would. This has been a challenge and a struggle for our family but it has also been a blessing. However I would not try to get pregnant with triplets, or twins. Multiples are hard work, they bring many blessings and rewards to your life but they require so much more of "you" than a singleton does. I am happy I have them, happy that I was blessed with triplets and happy that they will be six in one week.

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