Sunday, August 31, 2008

My dad is coming home from Iraq!!!

Finaly, my dad has sercured a job back in the states, this means that as of Feb of next year he will be home for good, and the job is right up his alley, he will be traveing with Nascar, setting up events and managing promotions etc. I really do not have a prefrance for what he does just so he is home.

Preschool starts on Tuesday, it is hard to believe that they are going in to four year old Pre-K. I am excited and ready for it to start, yet sad that they are old enough to go. It seems like just yesterday I was learning that I was pregnant with them, when in fact it has already been five years.. Where on earth does the time go.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mom goes to Bristol for the race, boys start soccer..

The boys had their first soccer pratice on Saturday, they loved every minute of it. Well that is according to daddy. I was lucky enough to be able to leave last Thursday morning to go to Bristol TN for the Nascar race. Lets just say I had a blast. It was myself, my dad and my mom. We arrived Thursday around 10ish, got settled into our camper and then headed off to the Food City Family Race night in Down Town.

I had so much fun just watching people and well was shocked by some of what I saw, but then again this is Bristol. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Ernie Ervin, an oldie but a goodie. He was very nice and really a genuine person. My sister was in heaven and has decided that Casey Mears is her husband to be. (sorry Rocky)

And even though Jr did not fare so well with the race it was a great race and a fun night on Saturday. Hey I am happy as long as Bush does not win.(okay now I sound like a redneck.)

I will post pictures tomorrow when I am not so tired and warn out from the trip.

The kids are doing great, the boys started soccer. I was worried about Kalie not liking not being a part of the team, but I was more worried about her being miserable if I signed her up. So this is the first thing the kids have done apart, I will have to let you know how they do. I am hoping that it will help the boys to bond better, it seems that Kalie and Douglas have a stronger bond than JM and Douglas does. I feel like he is being left out sometimes, I want them all to have a very strong bond and always assumed they would with them being triplets.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Preschool Decesion Made.

Well we made the decesion, which I hope is what is best for the kids. They will all three be in the same class, however each of them will have a day home alone with mommy to do special one on one things. I think this will help them a great deal and give them the one on one time that they really need and deserve to have. As a result of this mommy will only have one day to herself. But in the end this is what is best for the kids and that is all I really want.

They have come a long way in the last two years, from not talking at all to conversations that will blow your mind. On top of that they are all getting so big, it is hard to believe they started at 3 lbs..

here we are at birth

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All three back home again- Preschool Decesion to make

So all three are back home and it is kind of nice, I really missed them a great deal (the boys that is) It was very obvious that KR was not her self when they were gone as well. As a result I am haiving a hard time with my decesion to seperate them in preschool. I am thinking that it could cause more harm than good with Kalie and Douglas, she cries for him when he is gone.

I think that John Michael would do fine by himself, the big question is how will Kalie Rose and Douglas handle being without eachother. It is so odd to see their connection. I know I should have expected it with them being triplets. I guess it just amazes me every day how close they are.

The bond they share is def different than what I had with my brother and sister. They are so cute together. Kalie does love playing with her girl friends, however she misses her brothers a great deal when they are apart.

Just rambling tonight. Thanks for letting me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Redocrating Kalie Rose's Room

Well Kalie is asking for a princess room, and to be honest i am kind of sick of the lady bugs, so here we go getting ready to re-do her room.

I have re arranged the furniture, she will be getting a white dresser for Christmas as well as a wall canopy, pink bedding and curtains. Lets just hope she does not change her mind within a year of having a princess room.

We will be painting over the lady bugs. I am thinking of putting up a chair rail as well. Painting pink and green..

Hike up the Mountain

On Saturday morning Papa, myself and the boys hiked up Swanee Mountain, okay it is not as hard as it seems, there is a nice path, it is 1.6 mile walk. The boys really had a great time. We collected acorn's, hickory nuts and leaves, when we got to the top we could see our house from the observation deck. Everyone really had a great time.

John Michael slipped on the way down and skinned his knee, but my brave boy was just fine with it. He walked the entire way down with his knee bleeding.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Singleton Mom for a week, had its ups and downs

Tomorrow will conclude my week of being the mom of only one, it has been an interesting week. Kalie and I have had a blast doing lots and lots of girl things. She spent Saturday with a friend getting a manicure/pedicure and hair cut, then we were off to lunch. Saturday night was our neighborhood block party and Sunday she came down with a fever.

We spent one day window shopping and had lunch at American Girl Bistro, she loved it and was even able to come home with her first American Girl Doll.

All in all it was a great week and something that I think both of us needed, however we both missed the boys a great deal and will be very excited when they get home in the morning. She was always asking about them and wanting them to be home.

The boys had a great time with Nana and Papa, they went to a farm today and got to play with farm animals and go on a picnic. They went swimming everyday and spent three days at church camp. It was a great week for everybody.

Now to prepare for being a triplet mom again.

Pass the Valium or wine, wine will work.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The boys go to NC for the week

What a diffence it makes only having one child for a week. On Friday of last week KP took the boys to his parents, he returned on Friday without them. I had Kalie to myself all weekend. We had a weekend full of mommy daughter things. We got a mani/pedi, she got her hair trimed and we went to dinner with her best friend and her mom.

The boys on the other hand have been having a blast with Nana and Papa. From boat rides to swimming they are having a blast. Now the question is who is going to be more spoiled at the end of the week. My bet is for the little girl. As she is getting all of mommies and daddies attention this week.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Our New house.

And now the house

The deck is the newest addition to the house, we had it enlarged and screened in this past winter. It is now one of my fav spots in the house, the other being the master Bedroom

John Michael at the Mountain Park

John Michael again
Douglas and Kalie
John Michael

Douglas on the poarch

Kalie Rose at the park

Kalie Rose at the Mountain Park Douglas at the lake park
Douglas at the Mountain Park

John Michael on the back Poarch

Oh WOW. I forgot all about my blog..

So I was messing around on my computer and what do you know my old blog is still active. I thought Maybe I would update and try my best to keep it going this time.

Where to start, since my last post my Toddlers have gone from toddlers to preschoolers, (yes it has been that long) we have moved from IL to Georgia and DH is working from home (Pray for me)

If you are reading this blog then more then you already know all of this, so I will go on as if I never missed a beat.

Right now in our lives the boys are spending the week in NC at Nana's and Papa's house. Kalie has me to her self all week. We had a great weekend, went to dinner with friends, a block party on Saturday and a fever on Sunday.

Pre-K starts in three weeks, now that is the part that is hard to believe. That my babies are going to Pre-K. I am going to attempt to have them in separate classes, however the school knows that after two weeks if KR is not adjusting well we will have to put them back together. She is the one I am most worried about as she is so close to her brothers.

All three are still doing Speech and Occupational Therapy, they have come a long way, communicating so well, however we still have a few issues to work through.

As far as Keith and I, we are doing great, we moved into our dream house two years ago, have finally gotten settled and started to make a few changes, purchase new furniture etc. Have made some great friends and are really getting to a point that life is going great for us.

I will try and post some pictures of the house and the kids.

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