Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom of a singleton for a week

Well it is that time of year again, the boys are off to the grandparents for a week and I am at the house with Kalie Rose, and my cousin. I have found this morning that entertaining one child is not as easy as entertaining three. I have also realised that I more than likely have it much easier right now than those that only have one child or have children of different ages. As my three are interested in the same things, they play with each other and keep each other entertained so that I can get some work done.

This comes as no surprise to many I bet..

So this week we will concentrate on Kalie Rose, on fun things we can do with her and on getting her to ride her bike. She at least has started to ride it with help, training wheels on and us pushing her. Her strength in her legs is not what it should be, therefore she has a difficult time peddling. I hope that by the end of the week with lots of bike riding that she will be able to do it

We are also going to work on our site words and writing to prepare for school next year.

The boys will have a fun filled week with the grandparents. they are going to a water park and to a train museum. Lets hope that the grandparents survive the week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I now have three swimmers..

All three of the kids are swimming, Kalie is jumping in and going under getting her eyes wet. What a huge improvement for her. Considering she hates getting her hair washed, hates water in her eyes and screams bloody murder if anyone splashes her it is a HUGE step for us. I could not be more proud of her.

JM followed her a day later and is doing the same. They all three have overcome their fear of water in their eyes in a matter of weeks. How great is that.

Now, onto technical things, our insurance has changed, we have a new rather large deductible, our therapist does not want to lose us, so she is going to try and work something out with us so that we can still go to therapy. Our deductible is $2,000.00, with Keith just changing jobs that would be a big hit for us. She is going to let me work in her office to pay the $2,000, I will be working while the kids are at therapy and she said should get it paid in no time. Just doing some minor paper work.

I could not be happier about this, it will help us out a great deal and the kids will keep getting therapy. Which we all know is very much so needed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sleeping in a cabin, was not that bad

So we managed, the boys actually slept on the top bunk. They loved it. I never thought I would let them do that, but hey you have to give up control sometime.

Kalie slept on the bottom, and she is the one that rolled out of bed, go figure. They were so worn out by the time it came time for bed that no one managed to stay awake for our entire story. They slept all night. I was very proud of them, I guess this means that there will be many more overnight trips in our future.

On Sunday we went to my brothers house and spent the day on a slip n slide, the only odd thing that happened was that KR refused to go down on her tummy. She said it felt funny.

Douglas of course loved every minute of it and JM was on and off of it.

Douglas did show an odd fear of dogs this go around, my sister has two dogs. He has been around them many times before but for some reason this time if they entered the room he was almost sitting on my head to get away from the dogs. I have no idea what was up with that.

We have not gone to OT in three weeks now, due to her traveling and us traveling, it is starting to show with JM, he is spitting more and getting more upset. He seems to tire easier than the other two and just wants as he says "hold me" that is his code to me when things are not right, when he is overwhelmed and when well he just needs to take a step back from the world and refocus. I have heard it many times in the past several days.

We go back next week.. Lets hope he can make it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures from camping...

Camping with Triplets.

There were many times before last Friday that I questioned my logic in deciding to take the kids camping. They are five years old, we have never really stayed in a hotel etc since they were babies. So it was kind of stressful for me, not knowing how we would handle the sleeping issues. (two bunk beds and a queen size bed in the cabin)

Then there is the water park, the park, Jelly Stone in Mississippi, advertised that it is perfect for children eight and younger. I was still skeptical. Kalie hates to have water in her eyes, Douglas is getting more and more brave in the water and well John Michael has been having more and more melt downs.

needless to say I thought I would need major Valium before it was over with. My children surprised me, they were so great.

First the park, it was awesome. We loved it. The name of it again was Jelly Stone Camp Grounds, located in Pelatachie Mississippi. They have a water park that consist of two slides that are age appropriate for children eight and younger. The water is so shallow you can lay out in it to get a tan. I layed in the water and watched them play all day long. They had different art activities every hour on the hour for the children as well as family events, put put, beach vollyball etc.

There is also a great lake and a pool for swimming, fishing, paddle boats, movies at night, (outside of course) a game room, a cafe. and oh so much more. My children were not bored.

JM did have a few times that he just wanted to go back to the cabin, he wanted to lay down, he complained when he got water in his eyes. So we did have some Sensory issues, however all I had to do was sit with him in the shallow water and hold him for a few minutes and he was able to coam himself down.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Home from our Vacation

"She is Looking at me"
"he is touching me"
"she said a bad word"
"mom, are we in Alabama yet"
"are we there yet"

and many more phrases were heard, said etc during our six hour drive back home. What fun that was and that was just the start to our trip to visit with the family and to go camping. Considering the length of the drive and the age of the children, I really was not surprised. What did surprise me is they are losing their love affair with watching movies in the car, which makes for an interesting car ride with the three of them.

As far as the drive down, there were no melt downs, no issues. Thank goodness my children like to ride in the car, always have, something about the noise and vibrations seem to relax them, which is great considering I make this trip many times a year alone, well not alone, just me and the kids.

I will update later in the week as to how the camping went etc..

we did go see the Movie "UP" while we were there, the kids loved it, and yes okay so did Mommy, it really is a very cute movie, if you get a chance to go, do go..

Monday, June 08, 2009

Thanks to my wonderful neighbor.. Pictures of the kids from today

After looking at these you will understand why I had to share them. The smaller girl is our neighbor, my Kalie is the one in the Blue. JM has dark hair and Douglas is the blond

First week of daddy being out of the house

Went great okay we had one er visit and one urgent care visit, Gods way of telling me you get what you ask for, as I had to take all three to the ER and to urgent care, fun times...

Everyone is fine, just a virus and an accident with scissors.. (it never ends with three five year olds)

Today we spent the day at Pools Bridge Park, the kids had a great time playing with neighbors, sliding down the waterfalls, okay not huge waterfalls, very small ones.

Tomorrow we are off to my moms for the week and will be going camping over the weekend, this is our first experience camping and while we will be staying in a cabin it will still be a great experience for the kids. Smores by the fire, flashlight tag and collecting fire flies. The park has a water park that is designed for children eight and younger. I am very excited about this part and can not wait to see how they all respond to the park. I am a tad tense about how JM is going to do staying in a cabin and breaking from routine. I will report next week on what our days were like and how he did.

Thanks fro reading and staying in touch..

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wonderful Give away on SPDLIFE

SPD Life is a great site for any family that has a child with SPD, the best part is every month they have different give a way offers for families with SPD. This month they have truly out did them selves and will be giving away a swing, and two peanut balls. As a mom with children who are sensory seekers I can say that you can not find better prodcuts to help your child.

To find out more about SPD and this great opportunity visit

and if you want to visit the great site that offers these products for sale just check out

First ER Visit for the summer and with all three in tow

So yesterday we had an accident of sorts. JM was cutting and in the process jabbed his wrist with the scissors. He managed to cut himself fairly deep and had a good bit of blood loss. He also had a vasal-vaga episode. This occurs when JM has an injury of some kind, his blood preasure will drop and result in him passing out and having a seizure. (this was very scary for mom)

I am going to have some more test ran on him to make certain that this is in fact what has caused this as this is not the first time this has happened.

We all went to the ER, well me and the three kids. I am very happy to report that they were very good while there and JM was such a brave boy as he got his two stitches in his arm.

Needless to say my scrapbooking scissors have now been locked up so that this does not happen again.

Our other challenges right now are that we are going to have a month break in therapy as a result in a change in insurance companies. So far they are doing well with it, thank goodness mom has learned so much of the things we do at therapy so we can do them at home.

I am still worried about JM and how he will handle this as he seems to benefit the most from therapy. He has shown some signs of not calming himself as well as I want him to, but I have to remember to be patient with him.

This morning it was over my moms Cat, my mom lives about five hours from us, and he wanted to go see the cat, well needless to say we can not just get in the car and go see kitty. so he cried for about thirty minutes. I did deep preasure, I did brushing, everything that came to my mind and nothing would calm him. Finaly I brought out pictures of him and kitty and he started to calm down.

We will have to see how this goes.

Then the challenges never end, today it has rained all day, so no day at the pool and now Douglas is running a high fever. Lovely.. So the trip to the ER resulted in JM getting stitches and Douglas getting sick..

Monday, June 01, 2009

First day with Daddy working out of the house

It will take some time for us to get in the swing of things but today was a good day. We started it out at the pool and then had to make a run to Target. The children were great all day and the house stayed CLEAN. hmmm amazing how much easier it is to clean up after three kids when someone is not there leaving his things everywhere.

The children are really doing great at the pool, everyone is swimming some on their own and Douglas will jump in anywhere and go under. Kalie started swimming today some, for the most part she still wants to have her life jacket on and well I am not going to complain about that.

I have heard several times "how do you keep their life jackets on them" well I do not give them a choice, that is when we are in the deep, prior to this year if we were at the pool they wore them. Case closed..

Oh well that is just me and how we do things..

Day one.. good day..

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