Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Conversations with Triplets

Having triplets you find yourself having conversations you never dreamed you would have, from do not play with your brothers penis, play with your own to trying to explain to a five year old that she does not have a "winny"

Last night was one of those times and it was well just to priceless not to share:

So keith is out of town this week for work, last night for a treat I let the kids take turns taking a bath in our room and watching tv on our bed.

Kalie was last when I get her out of the tub and am trying to dry her off she says to me

"Mom, I will dry my winny, its my privates and you should not touch it"

It took all I had not to bust out laughing. I explained to her, yet again, that she does not have a winny, she has a vagina, a monkey or a frog but never a winny.

she said

"but the boys have a winny, I want a winny, why can I not have a winny, mom can you make doug or jm give me their winny and I can give them my vagesta"

okay by this time I am rolling on the floor. I can not help it.

Douglas then says "there is no way I am giving her my winny, I like it, it makes going potty easier and I do not want to potty out of my but like Kalie does"

John Michael

"No, Way mom. I am keeping mine, what would I play with in the bathtub if I did not have one"

so we have a winny and a vegesta... I have always called them penis and vagina to them. Just goes to show they are going to call it what they call it.

As you see it is not all hard work, there is a lot of laughter as well

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  1. That is hysterical! I have three boys (my oldest has SPD) and we have had the "don't play with your brother's penis" coversation a billion times. Which is only trumped by the "you can't ride your brother like a horse (naked) in the bathtub" coversation. Oh, or the "no fingers in your butt" coversation.

    I am with you sister!


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