Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fascanation with keys!!!

All the sudden, and what appears to be out of no where JM has got it in his head that he needs keys, in particular he needs a key to the house so he can lock and unlock the door. This started about a week ago, I was able to humor him by giving him an old key. Since then as soon as he gets home from school he puts it on, he has it on a necklace he made at school. He then walks around all afternoon trying to unlock things. Well starting yesterday he realized that my house key would really unlock the door and he now wants a key to our house. He in fact does not understand why I will not just give him my key.

So for the past two days he gets off the bus, I want a key now, I want a key that will unlock the door, I want a key now, the winning, the crying OMG I am so close to giving him my key.
I think that tomorrow I will go have him a key made, so at least he can unlock the door when he is home, I know that is my best solution but really how long could this last and should I give into his obsessions.

He has been sitting here since the bus dropped him off over thirty minutes ago and has done nothing but cry and complain about not having a real key...

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