Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My sensory seeker is driving me crazy..

He has been out of control as of late, he seems to be lashing out at his brother and sister more and gets agitated so easily right now, then when I fuss at him he hides behind something and cries. I have to let him know that his behavior is not acceptable, but it kills me to see him so upset, he says I am just a bad boy, my body just needs to do these things.

I get that he needs the high impact activities, but it is so stressful when you are cooped up inside for a few days because of bad weather and he can not run around and get the high impact activities that he needs. I try to allow him to have some indoor activities that are safe for him to do, will not result in something getting broken, but the older he gets the harder this is.

I think that maybe I just had a very long weekend, I am not sure, but for some reason I am very stressed and just needed to vent. He has been all over the place lately, running, jumping, hitting, and beating up his brother as he says.

Today has been better than the past few days so hopefully he has been able to get some of it out of his system..

Now to my Girl.. I took her shopping Saturday morning, my sister joined us, from the time my sister got in the car till we dropped my daughter back off at home which was over two hours, she did not say one word. She whispered yes to me when I asked her if she wanted to go home. Please tell me we are not going backwards with her.. She knows my sister, she should have talked..

pitty me time over..

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  1. I am so sorry things are hard on him right now. The only advice I can give from the outside is to continue loving on him and encouraging him. Assuring him nothing is his fault. I will pray for a peace and calmness for him and you.

    I found some sites that I thought I would share if you dont mind, they are activity sites for indoor sensory. Many offer great ideas for weathered days. I hope you can use these sites. Praying for you friend. God bless you!


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