Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second round of snow for us this year

Wow this never happens. We got four inches of snow last night, it is so beautiful. The kids and Max had so much fun in it this morning. However I must say that I will be very happy that tomorrow it will be gone.. here are some pictures.

How on earth did I forget to introduce you guys to Max, earlier this week we proudly became the forever home for Max, he is a Sheltie and yes, while there are some issues getting adjusted we are going to work through them. The kids love him and to be honest John Michael is a different child around him than what he is without him.

So enjoy the pictures and yes everyone is healthy for now...

A weight loss update, it is coming along very well. I have lost a total of 24 lbs and am enjoying my new routine at the gym. I have 15 lbs to go to make it to my target weight, that is if I do not drop it by another five lbs. I guess when I get to the 15 I will post pictures and see what everyone things. If I should keep going or stop..

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