Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year..

Happy New Year everyone, we rang it in quietly, in fact I think we were all asleep. We have had a nasty virus in the house for almost a week now so it has been a matter of everyone getting better and taking care of puking kids. I think we woke this morning to no more vomiting but I still have one that has yet to show signs of having it, so who knows.

We had a great Christmas in our home with the boys get new big boy bikes, and KR getting all things Zhu Zhu, yes I was able to track down most of the pieces that comes with the dear Zhu Zhu as well as three different Zhu Zhu pets.

This past year has brought so much into our lives and while we have been blessed with so much we were also give the definite diagnosis of Aspergers for JM. As well as the news we made some wonderful changes in our lives. The children turned five with a party at Tuck N Tumble, followed by graduation from pre-school. Our summer was full of first, including them starting to swim, losing the training wheels, and our first camping trip. In addition we had our first trip to the water park, which was an awesome experience for everyone. Summer soon came to an end with the start of Kindergarten, which for the first time we separated them into their own class rooms.
They have thrived in school and love being in their own classroom.

I had ankle repair surgery to fix the damage I have done over the past ten years through brakes and sprains. We celebrated Halloween, and Thanksgiving with not much excitement, with a full house infection of the swine full in between.

Christmas came and the kids were amazing, I hosted an arts and crafts party for 20 children in the neighborhood, followed by a visit from Nana and Papa. Christmas eve was exciting to say the least, rain and storms meant that we all got wet while we feed the reindeer their food. Decorated cookies for Santa then off to bed. As soon as we were sure all three were asleep it was time for a visit from Santa himself. As we were preparing for him to come we lost power, which remained out for about three hours. Needless to say by the time it came back on Santa had come and gone. I have no idea how he assembled the zhu zhu pet house's with no lights in the house and only by candle light but he did. Christmas morning was so sweet and special. The kids had so much fun and were so thrilled by the many things that Santa, family and friends had given them.

The house is back to normal, with only the tree's to be taken down, which will occur today. We are ready for an awesome new year and look forward to many first and exciting times. We hope to go camping yet again and maybe even to the beach.

Thank you dear friends.. Have a blessed New Year and may all your dreams and hopes come true

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