Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Snow Fall of the year.


Well we finally had a snow fall in the area that was enough for the kids to play outside and enjoy the weather. Never mind that it was bone chilling cold and the kids were beside themselves. Thank goodness to some great neighbors who allowed us to play over there and sled down the hill it was two days of fun and excitement for the kids.

It is no big surprise that the boys loved every minute of it, however Kalie was not so crazy about it at all. She loved the snow but did not like the idea of going down the hill. I had to make the boys come inside to warm up and to change into dry clothes. All in all it was worth every minute of the cold I had to experience, the kids faces and the fun they had was awesome.

I know for some that this little bit of snow is silly to make such a fuss about, after all we lived in Chicago for eight years, but down in the deep south, just a dusting is exciting. I am very proud of JM and how he did with all of it. They had so much fun, and there were so many kids out there. We did not have one melt down, one fussy moment or one thing to whine about..

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