Friday, March 05, 2010

So Honored to recieve a Beautifuel Blogger Award

My first one for 2010. I got my first award for 2010! Thank you! The rule, like the ones I've gotten before, is to pass the awards to 15 other bloggers but I'm only giving it to ten other women bloggers and here's the list in random

so I am a few shy of 15 but this will do for now.. Please check them out as they are some awesome blogs.
Now I am asked to post some random facts about myself as a result of this.
1. I am a new fur baby mom of Max the Sheltie, who has become a huge part of our life. 
2. I recently went back to school to obtain my Masters in Special Education, wish me luck
3. I miss my kids being babies, they grow up so fast and are such great kids but sometimes I wish they were cuddly babies again.
4. I love living in Georgia.

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