Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life is back to normal..

All three children are returning to normal now, swine flu has moved through the house, it still lingers with my husband and I. Odd all the news reports say that it is hitting children much harder and yet the two of us have suffered much worse than the triplets did. Which I am glad it turned out that way. I would much rather my be sick than them any day. It is so much harder when a little one is sick.

I had parent teacher conferences yesterday and was plesently surprised at how things turned out. First their grades were awesome. JM had the most areas in which he needs help (which was no big surprise) and the areas that he needs work are things that I already knew he needed extra help on and is getting at school and home. The teachers love him and say that he is very well behaved and that other than typical boy behavior they have had no issues with him. I am so happy that he is adjusting so well and doing so well in school. I was so worried that I would get reports home and be called to the school often due to him not doing well. His teacher's in fact said that had I not told them and if not for a few minor personality things they would have never guessed he had aspergers. I attribute this to him being in therapy since he was one years of age and all of the hard work he has done over the past several years to learn to deal with all the sensory input.

Douglas had a great report as well, he had 3's on everything with the exception of two things, address and patterning. I am so proud of my little man. The teacher said he gets the giggles so easy and has such a contagious laugh. She also said he seems to be a care taker, I was aware of this and will need to work on him doing things for himself and not giving up his things for his brother and sister. I want him to be happy and not always worry about everyone else.

Kalie Rose, like Douglas had mostly 3's with a handful of 2's, the teachers love her and call her their fashion princess of the class room. (big surprise there) the things she needs work on were no big surprise to me either. She is such a smart girl and is doing so well.

Again, all and all I am very proud of the three of them and how well they are doing in school. They all seem to have adapted very well to being in the new school, to being in separate class rooms and to the longer days.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

got this award from Silvergirl
It's my first award really :) and thank you so much for this.
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Now, as for my newly-discovered blogs whose owners are in every way lovelier than I am, I am passing this on to:




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Thursday, October 22, 2009

October is National Sensory Awareness Month..

I have not forgotten that this is the month in which we have elected to educated the world on Sensory Awareness.

October is National Sensory Awareness Month with the theme “Come to Your Senses.”

This is the fifth year that will lead and sponsor this national campaign to raise awareness regarding sensory integration/sensory processing disorders. I am posting this because I am VERY familiar with SID or SPD as a mom of a child with sensory issues.

Read more about sensory processing disorder at – In fact, if you know a child who cannot sit still, you may start reading about it for the child, only to discover that you have it and that is why you may do some of the things you do.

SI Focus encouragers people that October is the month for working within your own community raising awareness in your schools, among neighbors and within your family.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu update

My boys are doing very well, they have been on thamaflu for some time now and doing breathing treatments three times a day. I thought that JM was without fever yesterday but at bed time his fever went back up. He has been fever free most of today. Douglas has been running a low grade fever today.

Kalie got off the bus yesterday with a fever, we started her right away on thamaflu and breathing treatments. I have started to feel bad and am running a fever, right at 100. My husband is not running a fever but is feeling run down and tired.

We are hanging in there and hopefully almost to the end of this with the boys.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Very Wanted Child

My Very Wanted Child: A Parent's Poem by Ginny Lapporte, Is an awesome book that was given to me when I learned that my pregnancy was viable. As many of you know I struggled with infertility prior to becoming pregnant with my wonderful children. If you have not had the opportunity to read the book you should look it up. It is a great book to read to children and one that you can keep close to your heart.

The poem is written by a mother of twins whom suffered from infertility as well, while the book touches on how much the children were wanted, long before she even became pregnant, it does not mention infertility. It is a very touching book for anyone who has desired to have a child for a long period of time, who has suffered through infertility or has chosen to adopt a child.

I was able to find copies of it for sale on Amazon so I am sure it is still out there.

This post is not paid for in anyway, I read the book last night to my daughter and decided to share with my friends here.

I hope that you will find it to be an awesome read, and that you will cherish the book as much as I have.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine Flu times two

My boys started running a fever yesterday, D's has gotten as high as 104 and JM has stayed around 102. They say it feels like something is in their nose and there is nothing there and that their stomachs hurt. So we will spend the next five days hydrating them and keeping their fevers down. It is going to be an interesting week to say the least. Please send your prayers that things go well and we do not end up in the hospital.

I will update everyone on how they are doing, but my post will be short this week as my focus will be on the boys.. Lets hope and pray that Kalie stays healthy..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do with my time?

Now that is something I never thought I would say again. The past five years of my life has been devoted to my children. I have been busy making sure they have everything they need, running them to therapy, school and various events. Now they are in school, they get on the bus at seven and get off at three. I have so much time and not much to do. I have put my name at the school to volunteer in the classrooms, lunch room etc.

In addition I have started to help out at the church every day for two to three hours, doing various office work that is needed. I just started this week and am very blessed that I have some thing to do other than clean house all day long. While to some it may not seem like much, shredding documents, cleaning the sanctuary, and preparing the bulletins, it is still God's work and I am sure that our family will be blessed by my being a small part of making our great church work and run as it does.

School is going great for the kids, really great. John Michael has had some minor issues over the last few weeks but nothing that is too concerning.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Update on my surgery..

Had my doctors appointment this morning and got my crutches taken away from me.. Yea.. I have never been so happy to walk in my life. I have four more weeks in the boot prior to starting therapy. I will then have six weeks to six months worth of therapy depending on how well I progress.

My scar looks great, according to the doctor. I think we are well on our way to being back on my feet and back to normal. I have to say that it was worth it to have the surgery, while I have been bored out of my mind at times, it has given me the chance to evaluate what I want to do when I grow up. (ha!ha!)

The kids have been great through all of this and will be very happy to see that mom is walking around yet again.

Thanks again.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Having a hard time getting going this morning!

For some reason this morning everything seemed to go wrong, from my sleeping late, to Kalie not wanting to wear what daddy had picked out for her and ending with not one but three glasses of spilled milk it has just been a morning from hell. I am not even sure it if it worth going back to bed to start over again. (with the fear that it would just be worse)

On a good note I am going to lunch with my husband today, something we have talked about doing since school started, yet I have not found the time to make it down to where he works. In fact I will be leaving in about an hour. I hope to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping while I am out.

The milk has been cleaned up, the kids are off to school and I have had my morning shot of caffeine. I guess all in all things have to go up from here. Right!!

Edited to add...

Well my day did not get much better, I went to get the regular flu shot at my husbands office and then to lunch with him. By the time I arrived home I had a migraine headache, that has stayed with me for most of the day. I have not been able to check emails or work on my Christmas PTO project, that I have got to get organized and soon.

Thank goodness for awesome neighbors that invited me and the kids over to play. They could see that I was in bad shape and suggested that I go lay down in the guest room. I took her up on it and was able to sleep the headache off. Lets hope that tomorrow brings better things for us.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kalie at school, JM on the bus

It seems that Kalie has found her voice. For the longest she would not talk, would not sing. She was even thought to have selective mutisim for a while. (she went through an entire year of preschool without talking at all while there, she would just smile)

well since last Thursday she now has had three notes home from school for talking.. How do I not be happy about this, the child I never thought would talk at school is talking up a storm. I will talk to her if it becomes a problem but right now it is not an issue in my mind.

Now onto JM and I am sure this is related to Aspergers, he is having a hard time on the bus, does not want to sit right and sits really close to the boy beside him. We are moving him for the third time this year. He is getting moved to by the window, same seat and Doug will be beside him instead of their friend. I hope this will help him not to squish poor L. He still has body awareness issues and a need to be right on top of everyone. I am not sure what I can do to help him with this. We will resume therapy next week, (took a break because of my surgery) I hope she can help me to address this.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Child Proofing your home.. A guest article

Article Title:

Childproofing Your Home

We often look at our young children from our vantage point – standing above them, and not seeing the world at their eye level. We see things around the house from our point of view. Because of this, we often fail to see the dangers that abound right in front of our kids, in the corners they can crawl into, in the to places they can reach with their hands and knock things off and in the crevices and holes they can poke their fingers into. Try this experiment – go on your hands and knees and crawl around your home and try to go into the places where your baby can likely go into and poke around. Pull on cords and cables, reach up into the table and see what you can knock over. Look for uncovered electrical outlets and other hazards. You are sure to be surprised by what you will discover. Kids can crawl or run around and explore their immediate surroundings, so it’s important that we check and see the house from their perspective to make sure everything is safe.

Childproofing the house not only means making it safe for babies or small children. You might be surprised to know too that one third the total injuries resulting to death in kids aged 14 and under is unintentional injury at home. One of the top ten reasons that kids aged 3 and below visit the ER is household injuries. Approximately 70% of young children who die of unintentional injuries at home are under 4 years old. It’s not surprising that young children are subjected to these risks at home because it is there where they are found to spend most of their time.

The best way to make sure that children are kept away from possible injuries is supervision. We need to supervise them in the home and outside of it. However, even the most vigilant and watchful parents cannot keep their children always out of harm’s way. It is essential to make your house childproof and set up child protection aids in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, stairs and hallways, nursery, bedrooms, yard and garage.

Remember that even the best childproofing efforts are not a substitute for responsible parenting. Even the slightest distraction can allow your children to wander about and fall into trouble. is a great resource for anyone that is wanting to start their own day care, from free lesson down loads to day car jobs listings to resources for starting your own center.

Please take the time to visit them and let Stephanie know how much her article has helped you.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Big Steps in our house

Douglas is my oral sensory child, he is a very picky eater. In fact he gags on certain foods and will vomit if you are not careful. He has slowly been warming up to eating eggs, and last night he asked for them. He only took three bites, but it was three bites of something he has never put his mouth before. This is a huge baby step for us.. A really big one

Second JM has a loose tooth. He is so excited about losing his first tooth, and of course the other two are very jealous.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feeling like a slacker mom

So since school started I have not been that involved in their school. I thought it would not be fair to them for me to be room mom of one class and not one of the other ones. So I did not sign up for that, I was worried about how they would handle my being in their room to help out so I have not volunteered. I have not gone to have lunch with them as I wanted them to adjust to being in school first. So basically I have done homework, and well that is about it.

I do communicate with the teachers and have tole them that if they have things I can do at home to please send it, as well right now I am kind of not able to move around that well. I am thinking that starting when I can walk again I may start to volunteer and help out more. I feel like I need to be more involved in their school and what they are doing.

I just have no idea where to start.

Okay pity party over..

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