Monday, February 22, 2010

Great report from School this morning

I requested a meeting this morning with the kids teachers, IEP coordinator, and IEP teacher. I was very nervous about the meeting but when in with an open mind.

I was very pleased with the meeting and agreed with what the teachers are thinking. As many of you know it was never my intention to start the kids in K this year, we did it as a result of the lack of PreK slots being available. I honestly did not think they were ready. They have done very well this year and have come a long way, but as far as myself or the teachers would have liked. As a result right now the plan is that they three of them will revisit K next year. This will give them time to grow so they are not the smallest in the class, and to learn the things they have struggled with this year.

Our state has very STRICT and tough requirements as a result it is better for them to get ahead of the curve by repeating now, so they will not struggle in future grades.

The best thing said all morning was that the teachers, staff do not see that JM's Aspergers is effecting his school in any way. He is very smart, pays attention and has had a good year. He does receive extra help but all in all his aspergers is not affecting his behavior at this point in school.

Needless to say this made me very happy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It seems the topic of the month is Peanuts and Vagesta's

I guess one day these will be great black mail stories for the children but right now it just makes me shake my head and oh yes much later laugh my behind off.

The other day JM and KR were upstairs playing, after about twenty minutes it got very quiet. As you can imagine this is very odd in our home so I ran upstairs to see what was going on, there in Douglas's room stood the two of them but naked. I very calmly asked them what was going on, asked why they were naked here are my responses.

KR "Mom, JM was showing me that he can move his peanuts up and down and that it sticks out"
JM calls his penis his peanuts, not sure why but he does.

JM then says "Yes, mom just showing her my peanuts and how it moves so much."

KR "yes and I was showing him that I do not have two butts that it is a vagesta and a butt, and where I pee from"

Me "okay, lets get our clothes back on right now and go down stairs for a chat"

they get dressed and we all sit down to discuss that we do not get naked in front of our friends and that while our bodies are beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of that we should refrain from being naked in front of each other.

They said oh like they said during good touch bad touch.. I said yes and they were fine..

Needless to say shortly after I had a glass of wine.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weight loss sucuss

I am very happy to say that I have now reached my second mini goal. With one more Mini goal to go before I make it to my main goal I am very happy with my progress. When I started this journey I had allowed myself to get up to 168 lbs. I decided that I was fat and happy, so why bother and after all I had triplets what are the chances of me losing the weight and looking good in a bathing suit anyway.
So what snapped me out of it, I went home over the holidays for a family funeral. While at the funeral NO ONE knew who I was, I was even mistaken for a family member that is over 200 lbs. I got home and told my husband not ever again. I started my diet and exercise routine.
After a month I joined a gym and since starting to go to the gym I have lost even more weight.

I am doing the bike and circuit training. I hope to start a spin class in about another month. I also hope to be down another five to ten lbs by then. My goal weight is 130 lbs, however I am thinking of changing it to 125.

So what am I doing, the first thing I did was give up cokes, I was drinking five a day. Now I drink one Coke Zero in the morning and have a bowl of Special K with low fat milk for breakfast. For lunch I have a protean drink or a salad, my snack is a Special K snack bar or fruit and dinner is baked or grilled and never fried. I also switched to I can not believe it is not butter, EVO and multi grain pasta. I am down to 145 now and am very happy to say that a lot of my clothes are falling off of me. I am however not going shopping till I get to my goal weight, so if you see me and it looks like my pants are falling off, well they probably are.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second round of snow for us this year

Wow this never happens. We got four inches of snow last night, it is so beautiful. The kids and Max had so much fun in it this morning. However I must say that I will be very happy that tomorrow it will be gone.. here are some pictures.

How on earth did I forget to introduce you guys to Max, earlier this week we proudly became the forever home for Max, he is a Sheltie and yes, while there are some issues getting adjusted we are going to work through them. The kids love him and to be honest John Michael is a different child around him than what he is without him.

So enjoy the pictures and yes everyone is healthy for now...

A weight loss update, it is coming along very well. I have lost a total of 24 lbs and am enjoying my new routine at the gym. I have 15 lbs to go to make it to my target weight, that is if I do not drop it by another five lbs. I guess when I get to the 15 I will post pictures and see what everyone things. If I should keep going or stop..

Monday, February 01, 2010

Swollen Lymph Nodes, cough- when will winter end???

I am so done with flu and cold season. It has been a hard winter for us, the kids started it off with getting swine flu which was followed by three kids with strep throat, we have stomach virus's and a handful of colds.
Sine the start of the new year we have had two stomach bugs (fun times) one case of Strep throat and three colds. Now I have one with an infected lymph node (my strep throat child) which is believed to be caused from the strep, and one really bad cold.

I am so ready for this flu and cold season to be over, to have healthy kids for more than two weeks in a row and to not be running to the doctor every week. It is just getting old. I know that this is just part of having children and that all kids get sick from time to time, it just seems we have had our fair share of sickness this year.

Okay vent over..

On a side note I have finally made the decesion that it is time to lose some weight. I have been yo yo dieting since having the kids and think that it is time that I change the way I prepare our food and change our life. In doing so I have joined the gym, to which I work out for two hours five days a week, I gave up coke's and now drink water more than anything. So far I have lost 18 lbs, I started this on Dec 26. Yes I know most start this on Jan 1, but when I do that I end up yo yo dieting. Now I want to make a real difference in our lives, eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves so that the children will see us, daddy and I, doing this and they will in return hopefully have a healthier lifestyle as they grow up. Not to mention how much better I feel and how much more energy I have now that I have started.

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