Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Report Card time.

No big surprises this go around. All in all the children are doing very well and the teachers, as well as myself, are very impressed with the progress they are making.

The few issues we are having are as follows:

Kalie is not answering questions, that the teacher knows she knows the answer to. She shy's away and puts her head on her desk when asked a question in front of everyone. Kalie has been close to being diagnosed with selective mutism several times, so to be honest this is not surprising to me. I just makes me feel like she is not making as much progress as I though she was on coming out of her shell.

John Michael, is doing very well. He has progressed and is learning, catching on. He still gets help with Math and Reading as well as has a mentor. He loves school but has had some behavior issues, which with his Aspergers is no big surprise to any of us. He needs worm with some minor learning things.

Douglas had a very good report, he is learning very fast, reading and doing math. The teachers are very impressed on how far he has come. For someone with cyst on his brain that was going to have a hard time learning, he is doing awesome. I think he is making some doctors look silly...

All in all I think that the kids have done very well in school and that they are progressing very well. I am very happy and surprised at how well they are doing.

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