Sunday, May 03, 2009

To seperate them or not

That is the question of the day. It is one that as a mom of multiples I have so many mixed feelings on. They will be going off to school next year, kindergarten, we are very excited about. The issue at hand is do I put all three in the same room or do I separate them in to individual rooms.

When they were born I was elated to know that it was not up to me if my children would be in the same room or not, it was in fact up to the state and school district. I was livid and thought there is no way a school is going to tell me if my kids will be in the same room or not. I also thought they will be in the same room, that there is no way they would be ready to be separated.

Now here I am with all the advice from the doctors, therapist their teachers right now and everyone says the same thing, separate them. They all have different needs and everyone thinks that it would help them to be more sure of them selves and not depend on the others as much.

I have till late June, early July to make the decision, but right now I am leaning towards putting them each in their own class room, but then again I have several months before school starts so who knows what I will do.


  1. Parenting is so not as easy as I thought it would be!!!

    I offer no advice, other than to go with your gut and shut out everyone's judgment and opinions. Well- maybe hear them out and weigh them, but ultimately go with your gut and don't second guess yourself or feel bad about it.

    We are in a similar situation, where all three of my boys will be at different schools and my twins will be separated for the first time. Ultimately, I decided to split them up purely because their needs are different and each school will address their issues individually. There are pros and cons for each case.

    You're a great mom, don't forget it.

  2. Hi, I'm new to your site and justed wanted to let you know what I've seen with multiples in classrooms (I've taught for 11 years). For the majority of the kids I've worked with, having them in different classrooms seems to work best (there are always exceptions of course). I find it's particularly helpful when there is a dominant sibling. We have a set of twins that I've known since they were in kindergarten (they are in grade 5 now). We had asked the family to put them in separate classrooms back in kindergarten but the family didn't want that, so the kids were in the same classroom right up until this year. This year they are in separate rooms and what we've noticed is how much the quieter one has fourished this year. She's letting her personality show and she's having more confidence in herself. It's been really lovely for her. There's another set of twins in grade one that that the parents have agreed to split for next year for the same reason, we think it will do one of them a world of good in her confidence level.
    Of course you know your kids the best and I would never tell anyone what to do, I just wanted to share with you what I've seen.
    I'm going to keep nosing around your blog a bit, one of my best friends has a child with SPD and may be interested in what you are writing here too. Thanks for sharing!


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