Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update on biting and my husbands job.

Well the biting seems to be getting better, we addressed it in therapy. The therapist gave him a oral sensory item to bite instead of his brother, sister and friends. We also went over what he is to do, i.e. when he feels angry instead of biting he is to say I am very mad at you right now and bite the toy.

It is sort of a chew toy for kids. Funny right, but it is working he has done the I am mad at you ting two or three times already and bites the toy. He is getting there I guess.

Our therapist agree that it is a result of a change in our routine, no more school and well the fact that we have been talking about daddy getting a new job and no longer being at home.

If you are not aware my husband curently works out of the house, he has for the past three years and while this was great when the kids were much younger now it makes life difficult. He expects them to remain quiet, them not to have friends over and us to be sent to the basement while he is working. In my opinion this is not fair to the children, while I understand that he is on the phone and does not need the noise, expecting three five years old to stay in the play room all day and not play with their friends is not good either.

So he got a job, he has one more week at home, school has ended and well life is changing for us, so he is lashing out. what fun...


  1. I am enjoying your blog. I am having a really hard time getting OT going for my son, 3 in July about to graduate from EI, and I was wondering if you could email me personally so i could ask you a couple questions...
    scott and briana at hotmail dot com

  2. I will email you now from belle4kpnest @

  3. Glad things have got better. Your babies are so cute, yeah i know they are 5, but as Mom's they are always our babies.


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