Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kalie Rose _ Ear drum rupture

Kalie Rose is such a shy girl and so embarrassed about everything, so bad in fact that when her ear started hurting she did not want to tell us, then when it started draining she also did not tell us.

Needless to say when I noticed the goop dripping from her ear I freaked out. Now Kalie is no stranger to ear infections, in fact she had tubes that have since fallen out, however she is a stranger to ear drainage. So of course I freaked out.

We ran to the doctors office to learn that the pressure from the build up of fluid in her ear canal resulted in her busting her ear drum, which it turns out is a good thing in this situation. As now her ear is draining the fluid and it will reduce the pain.

So we are on a course of antibiotics and ear drops, then it is off to the ENT to have things checked with more detail.

Her not telling us and being so shy is associated with her SPD, she is a combination of an avoider and seeker, she avoids some things, even was thought to have selective mutism for a while but that fear is now gone.

oh well another day, another doctors appointment and now it is off to school this morning. Five more days left.

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  1. Awwww.. poor little soul. I hope she feels better. One of my sons (who is nonverbal) once dislocated his elbow. His pain tolerance was so high and because he couldn't tell us.. he walked around with that poor elbow just hanging all funny and we didn't even know it. Breaks my heart to think that we can't make them feel better when they hurt.


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