Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well Crap...

I was right one step forward, two steps back. JM has done nothing but melt down since Sunday, Monday he was so difficult, he got upset and sat in his quiet down spot for about 20 minutes and cried, wimpered, wined, etc. It was horrid, nothing I could do would calm him down. I tried deep pressure, massage, burshing, and compression, nothing helped him to self center. Finaly I asked if he wanted to get under the covers, this seemed to work. I, in fact, rolled him up in blanket very tight and sat and rocked him for about 15 minutes. This helped to calm him. But all day long there were things, small things, that would set him off again. He was better this morning then all the suddon worse again. Nothing seems to be working for him anymore. First the biting and now he is hitting and sitting on his brother and sister. I am at my wits end right now..

We have therapy tomorrow so I will discuss this with the therapist and see what she says, but between now and then if you have any advice I am open to it.

now on to the really Well Crap news...

Last November I broke my ankle, Thanksgiving day, I have done re-hab and thought we were out of the clear. Well I had an MRI last week, as it has been rolling, still swells etc, and it has not healed, the bone still has a crack in it, my tendon is torn from top to bottom, and my ligements are so not attached to the bone at all (on both sides) so surgery it is.

I am going to wait till the fall, as it with the kids home for summer it would be very hard to do.

Thanks for reading..

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