Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Changes in Life., coming our way

Well it is official, my husband accepted a new job yesterday. For the past three years he has worked from home and yes that has been very difficult at times for me and for the children. He thinks we should be quiet and well stay in the play room from the time they get up till he gets off work. Really would you want to do that. So for me, he started to looking for something new and he has found the right opportunity.
The company is a Christian based organization, which is a good thing for us. It is also family focused, again a good thing. He will work about 24 miles from home, so not a bad drive and will be doing something similar to what he is now. (short ramp up time)

all in all it is a good change for us, yes it will take some adjustment, no more running to the store alone while he keeps an eye on the kids as he works etc. But this is what we both want and need for us and our family.

As for the kids, Kalie is having a hard time with it, every time we tell her she says no daddy stay, she loves her daddy so much but she also said now we will not have to sell him (no idea where that came from)

We are going to work on changing our routine and schedule some, which is going to be traumatic for JM a tad, as he is so routine oriented. We will have to see what happens and how things go. Wish me luck

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