Thursday, April 30, 2009

School Evaulation

Today was our school evaluation, so far so good and nothing that I did not expect.

Douglas failed speech, he can not say R's or S's and then there is his oral sensory issues. He however Passed OT with flying colors (intervention works) I have some paper work I have to fill out, the sensory profile etc. This he will not pass which will qualify him for OT. He however passed on kindergarten readiness. Again I contribute this to the awesome preschool we have been attending and therapy.

Kalie qualifies for speech under articulation only, and sailed through on fine motor and gross motor skills.

Now my shocker. JM is not only ready for kindergarten they said that he could easily go in first grade, okay this is my most severe SP child. I am so proud of him. His gross motor and fine motor skills were awesome, his speech articulation only.

How did we do this, we have been in therapy since they were a year old. I work with them every day and we know what to do when we get upset, what works for us and what does not work for us.

I am so proud of my big kids...

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  1. What a great milestone! Way to go JM!


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