Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a wonderful day we had

We went ot church as a family this morning, okay so we always do that. Then after we all went to lunch together, close to my husbands new office. We were able to see where he will be working, which just so happens to be close to a Dairy Queen, so after the tour we all were treated to ice cream. The kids were so good the entire time.

At lunch they ate their entire meal, stayed seated at all times and were just great kids all morning. So I guess today was our one step forward. I am hoping that hte two steps back takes a while to get here.

We have big plans for the upcoming future, we will be traveling to Mississippi where we will go with my mother to a local camp ground that caters to children 7 and younger. We will stay in a cabin for two days, camping, having a camp fire at night, spending time in the day at the water park that is designed for younger children. When we return I will update with informaiton about the park etc, name location for anyone that is interested but for now I am not going to publicize where we are going for safety reasons. Okay I may be over reacting, but you never know.

A week from today Vacation Bible School starts at our Church and for the first time we are going to have a special needs class. We have several children in our church that have autisim, aspergers, SPD and Downs. One of the moms asked me If I would be interesed in teaching a class of special needs children, as most the children are in the same age group we deiced to not single them out but to have them in their class, however one mom (me and another mom) will be in these classes at all times to help the teachers and to assist if any issues arise. As we did nto want to burdon the teachers who know nothing about the issues that come with SPD etc.

So now our special needs children can attend VBS and their parents can be assured that they will be well cared for. The best thing is, word has gotten out in our community that our church offers this, enrollemnt for VBS is up by close to 35, with several of them being special needs. We are hoping that this will be a start for our church to reach out to these families, to show them that the church looks welcomes these families into our church and that we will do what we can to make them feel included and not singled out of any of the activities.

Good for us...

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