Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great day at the pool

Well the pool is open, we finaly spent a day there and I have to say that we had a great day.

Douglas was swimming, jumping in going under getting water in his eyes, the whole nine yards.

JM was putting his head underwater and swimming with swimmies, he would jump in but was not as crazy about the water in his eyes.

Kalie well she was good all day but refuses to place her head in the water at all.

At least all three of them would swim and not cling to mommy all day long. IN addition they were great kids all day long.


  1. triplets???wow!!!watta very great blessings for you..

  2. This is wonderful. These are the best memories you could cherish for years to come. Blogging about these three treasures must be very exciting too.

  3. Yes it is very exciting for all of us, thank you for your comments


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