Saturday, May 09, 2009

My life with Triplets, I wrote this when the kids turned two..

My life before triplets was very full, well maybe full is not the right word, and busy is more like it. I was very successful in my work, which meant I was very busy.
Traveling to Vegas, New York, Dallas, Orlando, etc, it seemed as if I always had some where I had to be and someone I had to see.
I was "hurried", successful and dressed in the best. My life was my career, and no this was not by choice, the choice was made for me.
The child I longed to have, the baby I dreamed of day and night did not seem to be meant to be. So I worked, I traveled, I went to concerts, sporting events and saw the world. Yet there was still this longing inside of me that would not go away. All my friends envied me, they wanted to be me, and all I wanted was to be a mom.

I dreamed of a life with a child, of how wonderful it would be. However to be honest I never dreamed I would not continue to work. Oh how that changed.

Then one Sunday morning in September of 2003, I peed on a stick, one of my favorite past times it seemed, and there were two lines, the next day the blood test confirmed that it was in fact true. I was pregnant. Three short weeks later at the first ultrasound I learned that our family would be growing gy three and not one.

Overcome with fear, excitement and joy I read everything I could. I learned life as I knew it wa over and I could not have been happier. I quit work at 12 weeks, went on bed rest at 19 weeks and I never looked back.

Now two years later after the birth of my babies, my life is truly full I can say it is complete and full. Not hurried, not rushed but busy and full.

My clothes are stained, smell of baby food and spit up. My nails no longer manicured and I do not remember the last time I put lotions on mu hands.

I gained so much by becoming a mom, and even more by becoming a mom of triplets. I lost, gave up, meetings, angry clients, angry bosses, long lines, airport delays and layovers. Working 12 and sometimes 14 hour days, lonely hotel rooms, always being in a hurry to get somewhere and going no where. Before my life was passing me by, I was going through the motions. Now I watch sunsets, and yes the sun rise at times, I have days that we stay in pj's all day long, i dance in the living room to nursery rhymes and act silly to get a laugh and I smile a lot. That is the big difference in my life. I smile now more than ever.

I can not believe how fast the past two years have gone by. I can not believe the friendships I have gained, the joy that having triplets has brought my life I would not go back to before triplets for anything.

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  1. there is nothing that can compare to be a mother. the beauty of life is depend on the mother's care.

    Happy Mother's day!


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