Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ankle update

Well this is aparently not about the children, hey I have a life other than them.

I went to the ortho yesterday and he has decided that I was not able to avoid surgery, after consulting with a different doctor this morning and getting the same conclusion it looks like I will be having my ankle operated on in the fall.

So why the fall, I have no desire to be in a cast all summer and going through surgery and therapy, so we are going to wait till the kids are settled in school next fall and have the procedure done.

We will do an MRI next week to determine what extent of surgery will needed, he is thinking we will have to graft ligaments from another part of my foot in order to repair it to where it needs to be. So wish me luck.

As far as the trio goes, it is just another day in our crazy household. End of school, and all the changes that come with that.

Gotta run to gymnastics now.

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