Friday, July 31, 2009

Well one week before school starts and I cried.

I have been saying all this time how happy I am that school is starting, how ready I am for them to go and for me to have a break during the day so I can finally do some things for me and start taking care of myself for a change. Last night when my husband and I were talking about school, open house and their first day I started to cry. I have no idea where it came from, because like I said I am ready for this.

Maybe it is just everything finally getting to me, J.M.'s diagnosis, Douglas and his Mono and Kalie Rose being gone for a week next week. I took the time to let it all sink in and had a good cry. I think that we all need to do that from time to time and I guess last night was my time.

We had our screening this week at school, to determine what they already know and what they have yet learned etc, while we were waiting I had my first incident with another child. All three of them have a speech delay as a result of the sensory issues and well I had one as a child as well. I had brought along color wonders (which by the way is a gift from God to all parents) as well as color wonders coloring books, I just happened to have enough for other kids to color with them. (hey I have triplets I have to be prepared) and of course other kids asked to color. I said sure. So on the floor in the front foyer of the school were six five year olds coloring. Douglas said that he likes to slide, but it sounded like lide as he does not say his S words correctly, then JM said something and did not say it as it should have been either. One little boy proceeds to start making fun of them. Seriously a five year old bully. I then sat on the floor beside him and explained that not everyone says things the same way, not everyone looks the same and that some boys and girls can not walk, others can not talk or hear and that it is not nice to make fun of them. I then told him that if he can not play without making fun of others he will have to go back to his mom. His mom just sat there, within five minutes he does it again. So I ask him to go back to his mom, he tells me I can do what I want to do because I am smarter than those kids. I then take him by his hand and lead him to his mom. Explain why he can no longer color with my children and tell her that I would appreciate it if he would apologize to my children. She got all huffy and said she could not help it that her child was more advanced. I almost slapped her right there.

The other parents in attendance came over and apologized to me, by this time there were eight children coloring, excluding the bully, whom has now been left out of the children playing. A teacher saw most of the incident and praised me on how I handled it. The other mom however was asked to speak to the counsler about what had occurred and from my understanding told that they would have to come up with a solution to this situation as the behavior would not be tolerated in the classroom. (go School for taking action right away)

I am just shocked that at age five I have to be concerned about bullies and someone picking on my children. So the battle begins..

For those of you that do not know color wonders is a great product put out by I think Crayola, it is markers that will only write on certain paper. No matter how hard a child tries they can only write on the color wonders paper. My children have been using them for as long as I can remember, it helps to ensure that none of my walls, floors, furniture etc gets colored on. You should give them a try if you have not. And no I am not being paid to blog about them.. I truly do love them. I have yet to try the paints, yes they have finger paints, but I may be getting some soon. I will let you know how it goes.

Today we will be doing an art project for the start of school, I will post it tomorrow..


  1. Good on you for the way you handled the little bully ! Sometimes I wonder why some parents don't deem it necessary to teach their children basic manners when around others.

    Glad to hear the school took action on this too. You shouldn't have to worry about bullies for kids aged 5 !! that's just taking away childhood from kids.

    These markers sound great ! I will definitely look into them for my nieces who seem to just wake up as if they have just had an OD of red bull !!

  2. Good for you for handling that so well - oh yes bullies exist in kindergarten (I teach, I know). We get kids of every sort of background that you can imagine and the accompanying parent to go with it (the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in most cases)


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