Thursday, July 09, 2009

The joy of boys

My boys are the sweetest thing, well at least they can be. Today we were driving to the dentist for our six month check up and yes to check on JM's teeth as yesterday he had an accident on his bike and "Jarred" his front teeth. The dentist thinks they are going to be fine, he has two chipped teeth but nothing appears to be loose and so far no abcess.

anyway back to my joy..

On the drive to the dentist office out of no where, Douglas says to me "Mommy, when I get big I am going to work on the computer so you and daddy do not have to, and I am going to give you a house. "

John Michael followed with
"Mommy, I am going to work also and give you a trip so you can go to the beach and lay down"

My boys love me so much....

(Kalie Rose was at home with my cousin, she went last week, good news no Cavities)


  1. they really do know how to touch my heart.


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