Friday, July 24, 2009

How we got here.

So we have already had a very long journey with our triplets and yet we still have so far to go. In the recent past we have had some changes with our lives and with what our future holds. I have been asked a few times how we got to this point, how we got the diagnosis of Aspergers PDD-NOS and what were the first sings.

To answer that I have to go back to when the kids were small. They were in fact just over a year old, they were babbling just fine and doing great. But things started to change for us at about the 15 month mark. We were already getting therapies for the children as they were so premature, 31 weeks and three days. I however, at this time started to notice that John Michael would get so upset about things, if he did not get something he wanted, if he was not picked up first and some times his responce to what was going on was over the top. It occurred to me that he was not calming himself down once he got upset. I brought this up to our therapist, and after many conversations and a few more visits we determined that all three had Sensory Processing Disorder.

What brought us to this conclusion was that they would not walk on grass or sand in fact anything other than the floor in our house the would freak out. They would not get their hands messy, did not like the texture of certain foods in their mouths or on their hands. Would not finger paint, would scream if you tried to get them to do so. And then there was Douglas always jumping, always pushing something, he needed the high impact. JM on the other hand avoided many things.

I have to say that JM was my easiest baby till this point, in fact he was so easy that he was a joy to have as a baby, Douglas on the other hand was my needy baby, cried the most, had colic, and digestive issues. JM just kind of hung out and Kalie Rose was my observer, she watched everything else that was going on and caused trouble when she could.

JM was the cool baby, he loved his swing, his bouncy seat and did not cry much at all, in fact he cried more when you messed with him than any other time.

Fast forward to 15 to 18 month time frame things started to change, he was getting more and more upset and nothing I could do would calm him down, he was more aggressive than the other two, he would lash out more, scream more etc. We did therapy we worked on things and when he started talking at age three things got much better. I thought well he just could not communicate what he needed to me, now he can we are all good.

And we were for a while, but then it started up again, he would get fixated on things and not be able to let them go, he recently cried for two hours because I did not have twizzlers in the house. I took everything out of the pantry trying to find a substitute. The kicker is, I now always have them and he never ask for them. Go figure.

There have been other things, he is reserved around others, does not make eye contact when he feels he is in trouble or is being confronted by someone and he talks in a sing song voice, he in fact sounds just like Elmo.. Nice right???

He is however, a very bright young man, he is smart, writes his name, knows his numbers, his ABC's and so much more. He loves music, and hates sports he is happy, kind and caring. So while we have some things to work on he is a very special young man whom I adore.

So here we are, five years later and doing all we can for our little miracles..

Thanks for reading, yet again the ramblings of a overtired mommy.


  1. Thanks for the overview. I discovered your blog just a few months ago, and although I could guess at some of the pieces, it is nice to have a brief fill-in-the-blanks. We don't have multiples, but adopted a son with what we finally settled on as learning disabilities, but he never fit any descriptions of any one thing. He's now a functional adult (pretty much- can't do some things- but better than we ever dared hope for when he came to us). So hang in there!

  2. Every kids have their own characters. It was not easy to care for 3 little kids at one time, i can imagine how tired and stressful you are. I salute you for still having time to blog. will catch up with you again.


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