Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How do you do it?

Really, like I have a choice. Let me see I get woken up every morning by KR and JM, normally around 6:45 and then well I just do what I have to do I have not really got a choice in the matter, what do I just not do it?

I get asked this all the time and like any singleton mom I do what I have to do, I get up, I change their clothes make their breakfast and off we go for our adventures of the day. We play outside a great deal of the time and watch very little television. In fact if it were up to them we would be outside within minutes of waking in the morning. I have to make them wait till a decent hour. Which to them is 7:30. I have yet to get out of my pj's by that time. But they are kids and they love the outdoors, what am I going to do say no stay in and watch television.

So out we go.

Seriously over the years I have been asked "How do you do it" so many times, to be honest I just do, I do not know anything else and well I do not have much choice in the matter. Like you and every other mom on the planet, I do what I have to do. I love my kids, I love my life and I do what it takes to get through the day.

Some of the other statements that have been said to me over the years.

Are they triplets - Well yes they are
Are they identical - Well no, two are boys and one is a girl
Did you have them at the same time - Well not really, I had them minutes apart.
Did you do drugs - not then but now yes, okay seriously it is none of your business nice stranger that I saw in the mall how my children were conceived.

Are they natural - No, they are alien children
I am glad it is you and not me, well if you think that way I am glad it is me and not you as well
God Bless you, he already has
Did you do IVF again this is very personal do not ask a stranger this question They do not ask you if you had sex last night

I could go on for days, these are just some of the things that Have been said to me the worst was in Target one day, I was in line checking out the kids were small and we were in the limo runabout stroller. The lady behind me asked about the stroller and if it folded up. I said no, it goes on a hitch on the back of my car. She got a odd look on her face and said

"hmm, I guess there is nothing easy, smart or economical about having multiples, most less triplets"

I was at a loss for words, the cashier heard the entire thing, this is the same cashier that we used on our weekly trip to the store. She said something in response to her for me. The lady had four kids, stair steps and the kids were all screaming pitching fits etc.

the cashier said: You have four kids, your youngest is yet a baby, you still have one other in diapers your oldest is six years old, you have at least two more years in diapers, she will be out of diapers in a year or so. You have been in diapers and had baby crap out in your house for what six years now. what is smart, easy or economical about that, and oh her kids are always happy, smiling and never acting as yours are.

I clapped..

So there are idiots out there that say things that hurt us, say things that my children hear, things they should not hear. Thanks for the ignorance, till now it has not "hurt" my children, but they are now at an age in which it can so please if you see us out, thank about what you say to me, thank about how it can effect my children. Do not ask me things like "What else is wrong with your kids" yes someone asked me this..But that is a different story.


  1. Some people are so cruel and insensitive. I love your cashier!

  2. Too funny- We have an international family, and when the boys were small I got asked equally stupid questions. Well, people are totally oblivious. An ad for the new Jay Leno comedy showed a young adult who did not know who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but did know where sponge bob square pants lived. What can you expect from a world that had come to that? I'm SO happy to hear that those kiddles love to be outside!

  3. I love this post! I once had a shoe store clerk tell me that my son was obviously disabled because he didn't crawl. Unbelievable!

  4. Anonymous3:09 AM

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