Monday, July 13, 2009

School will be here before we know it.

I spent some time this morning with the kids school's principle, assistant principal and five of the six kindergarten teachers. I was able to express my concern about them being separated and Kalie's dependence on the boys. How she will not talk and withdraw into her self if she is not around them. I believe that we came up with a rather good plan about how to handle it. As I have always said that I would have them in different classes when they were in school, but considering how KR reacts when she is away from the boys we do not feel it would benefit her. As a result we are going to start the school year with all three in the same class. With the plan being to gradually consider putting them into different classes. If we see that they are doing well in the same class then we are going to leave them together for the entire year. If there are issues, fighting etc, then we will move forward with having them in their own room by mid year.

There is no perfect answer to this situation and in the end as parents we can only do what we feel is best for our children. I am just very happy that we have the Twin Law in the state so that this decision is in my hands and not that of the administration of the school. I do not have to fight with anyone on this, other than myself that is, which I have done plenty of.

school supply shopping times three was very much fun, 72 pencils, six boxes of 24 pack crayons, 48 glue sticks and 12 primary tablets later. I think I am done.

Now to move onto clothes shopping, I think I am going to toss out all the socks and start all over. seriously who of you like to match up socks. It is just at that point that it is not worth it to carry on with trying to match all of them up any longer. So out they go. (trust me this will save me lots of head ache)

The kids are excited about going to school and getting to learn new things, met new friends and ride the bus (yea)

More on all of that later.

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