Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On our way to school.

Today was their first step towards our first day of kindergarten, well not mine but theirs. We all rode the bus this morning to the school and had a meeting with the head of transportation. As they have attended safety camp they were already aware of the rules of the bus etc, this was more a way to met the school bus driver, learn where their seats are (right behind the driver) and to see what they will do the first day of school.

They are very excited about going and well mommy is excited that they are going. I need the break and am ready for some time to my self, as you can imagine.

Tomorrow we go for the school screening and then on August 6th, we will get to met the teachers and see where the kids will be sitting in class. So we are down to the last two weeks before school. I have the supplies, and clothes for them, now is just the waiting game.

I had shirts made for them for the first day of school, Kalies is pink, Douglas is Green and JM is Blue (their favorite colors) on the front each say kindergarten rocks. They will be so cute in them..

Thursday we have therapy for the first time since our dx of Asperger's syndrome, the therapist are glad that we finally have a dx for him and now have the write rx for his treatment.

Today was a rough day for JM he was out of sync, nothing seemed to calm him down, he was all over the place, active wise and just would not sit still. I had to remove him from the cafeteria during the school meeting and then again at the dentist. It seems he is too wound up today, needless to say they are all napping now. I think this is a result of being off schedule from our trip this past weekend.

Thanks again..

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