Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nothing new but ramblings

So much going on but nothing really new going on. We are just enjoying our summer, going to the pool, riding bikes and going to parks.

School will start before we know it, in fact I have my meeting this week with the counselor. And as most of you know I keep waffling on what to do about school, do I leave all of them in the same room or have them in different rooms. After safety camp I think I am going back to the idea of keeping them in the same room, they had KR at a different table in the same room as the boys and she did not talk at all. I do not think she is ready to be away from them so I guess we will have all three in the same room.
I am going to met with the school this week to go over this, to talk to some of the teachers and to set up testing for them at the school.

The week after JM is going to be evaluated by a developmental ped. and then we head back to Mississippi for a family wedding. We have a busy few weeks ahead of us. School will start on August 10th.. wow that is just around the corner. I need to do some school shopping, clothes and all. Where to start..

For the first day my plan is for them to wear matching shirts that say kindergarten rocks, KR will wear a skirt and the boys will be in shorts.
Other than that I am clueless.

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  1. Other than that, I doubt you are clueless. Just busy.


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