Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The things we say

As parents we often find our self saying things that we never imagined would come out of our mouths. Well at least as parents of triplets you do.

Something happened today that got me to thinking about all of this and to be honest made me laugh so hard (after the fact) that I thought I was going to cry.

Some of the things I have said:

Leave your brothers penis alone, play with your own.
No, you can not play with your brothers penis.
Do not put that in your behind (yes I said this)
You can not just grow a penis, you are either born with one or you are not.
Stop pulling on your brothers penis

So the story for today that got me on this:

I had just given them baths and was getting them ready for bed, they do not bathe together any longer, I decided when I had to tell my daughter to stop pulling on her brothers penis that it was time to stop that.
I got the boys out and they went into their rooms, Kalie got herself out and walked into D room, he had yet to get dressed, he was sitting on the floor in modified Indian style, in doing so he was using his stomach muscles to make his penis move up and down. He says to Kalie, Look Kalie my penis does tricks. He is saying this as I walk into the room and notice that she is in there while he is naked. I send her to her room while I dress him and tell him that it is not proper to let our sister see us naked.

Fun times..


  1. Oh my I have not stopped giggling, thanks for brightening my day with your story. If you go to you have been tagged there :)

  2. And they wonder why we have penis envy. Who wouldn't want something they can wiggle?


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