Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Boys are having a grat time at their grandparents

They are truly having a great time hanging out with their grandparents. Form spending the day at the Rapture center in Charlotte to going to the train museum yesterday. They are filled with excitement when I talk with them on the phone and I do not imagine they are ready to come home.

Today they are going to Carawinds and tomorrow they are spending the day on the lake in the boat etc. Friday will be fireworks and then home on Saturday.

As for me and Kalie Rose we have been spending time at the pool, hanging out with friends and today we are going for mani/pedi and out to lunch. This is our girls day out, we may even go see a movie.. As far as fireworks, well Kalie does not do well with loud sounds, her SPD comes into play so she will skip that part of the festivities this weekend. It is going to be a quiet weekend around here, as most the neighbors are going out of town. That will be nice..


  1. Your children are remarkable and they're blessed to have you as a Mom. Your passion shows in your posts. Love your pictures of your little ones. :)

  2. i thought it was tough having twins (i have) but seeing you raising your triplets is even tougher!

    you're a wonderful mom ^_^


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