Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fun Filled week with my boys

Kalie is spending the last week of freedom (for them) at her grandparents so it is just me and the boys. We have been so busy.

We started our week by going to see Aliens in the Attic. Let me just say this is the funniest movie, they laughed so hard at times It was a wonder they were not hurting. Yesterday we were off to the water park and today we will be seeing G Force. I have to get the "Boy" movies in while little miss is away.

Tomorrow we are having a water day with the neighbors, getting out our pools, water slides and yes water balloons. I am trying to have an action packed week for them for their last week home.

I talked with their teachers this week, all seems to be a go for next week. We will have a chance to met them Thursday night. Wish me luck. Three teachers in one hour..


  1. I hope to have another kid soon

  2. Sounds like they had a great day. And mom got to have some free time also. Life is good.

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