Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What happens when Mommy gets sick

Last night is not the first time I have come down with something over night, the difference is that well my husband no longer works from home. So yes I had to get up and make breakfast and play with three five year olds while running back and forth to the bathroom to vomit. I have no idea what is wrong with me, I am thinking ulcer but who knows. I go to the doctor tomorrow.

At least the kids could tell that mommy was not her normal self, in fact Douglas told me not to worry that he would make breakfast, I watched as he attempted to get bowls out of the cabinet. It is amazing how well they work together when they want to, Douglas and JM carried the step stool over, JM held it as Doug climbed up to get the bowls, Kalie got four different boxes of cereal out of the cabinet and they each poured there own (yes I had to sweet after) It was really cute as they also poured me a bowl, mommy could not eat it do to her well many trips to vomit.

Thank goodness they were great all morning, my cousin got up at 10:00 and I took them to the pool, I stayed for an hour before going home and to bed. Bre was great she stayed with the kids all day at the pool, brought them home, feed them dinner, cleaned the kitchen and is now playing with them outside. I may not ever let her go home!!!

So when she does go home I will have to do this on my own. Since KP worked at home for so long I have not really had to endure taking care of them while I was very sick, I guess that is to come.

So now about my being sick, I have had indigestion and heartburn for several weeks now, woke up last night running a slight fever and vomiting, no blood thank goodness, but vomit. I have also had some burning in my stomach region, eating certain foods hurts really bad. So tomorrow we will go to the doctor and see what they say. I know ulcers are hard to diagnose, lets hope they can without anything major going on.

Wish me luck and lets hope that tonight is better for me.

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