Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My little man has been running a fever since Sunday morning and today he finally had a new symptom that was well worth of a doctor visit, he complained with his throat, so off we went. After a strep test which made his throat bleed and a negative result it was time for a blood test. Poor little man already did not feel good and he had to have a finger prick.

But in the end we got a diagnosis, he has Mono, I have no idea whom this adorable five year old has been kissing but apparently it was one of the little girls in the neighborhood.

So my goal over the next few weeks is to keep my all boy calm and not being to active or adventuresome.

Keep his fever down and make sure he is still eating enough and drinking plenty.

Like I have said before it never ends in my house, it is always something.

I need Mommy juice now.


  1. Mommy juice? I LOVE it. Pass me a wine glass er, tumbler too please. :)

  2. Hope your little guy gets to feeling better.


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