Monday, September 21, 2009

Wetting the bed.

About two weeks ago JM wet the bed, I thought well he just had too much to drink and did not wake up, changed his sheets did not make a big deal about it, then last week it occurred again. So we made some changes and said we would make sure he goes to the bathroom prior to going to bed, no big deal. Well this morning he was wet again, that is once a week for the past three weeks. He has never wet the bed before, in fact none of them have. This is new to us.

I am not sure if something is bothering him, if it is related to my surgery, if it is school or if this is just part of aspergers and part of our life now. I hate to think of him going through this and waking up scared and ashamed. I have to make sure that my husband knows not to make a big deal about it, the last thing I want is for him to be made to feel bad about an accident.

So we are now going to make sure he does not have liquids after a certain time and that he goes to the bathroom prior to going to bed. Poor guy...

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He is now five years old and like I said this is a "new" problem, we did not even have this problem when we were potty training him. So please any ideas..


  1. I am not to sure about the apergers and if would play a role. However it should not be ruled out. If this has never happened before it could very well be that he may be worked up about something and he may be aware of his concern and again he may not be. I would try to sit with him and tho you will not be able to hold a long conversation ask him if he is upset about anything and let him know it is ok to be concerned. It may be your surgery he is dealing with that could be frightening him. Keep in mind he may not even want you to know if that is what is wrong maybe he does not want you to worry so much about him as he is concerned for you. I hope things get better for you and for him and wishing you the best with the surgery.

  2. If the absence of liquid doesn't help (it does me) then I would definitely try and figure out if something is bothering him. Best of luck.

  3. Well if you believe in homeopathy then you can give him homeopathic medicine .
    You can give him causticum 1m one dose once in a month for cure of this problem.

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  4. Thanks for your help. I think it is related to my surgery and my MIL being in the house, as she stresses me. Today we were not in school due to the heavy rains here in Georgia, as a result he drew a picture for me and it was of me in the bed with one leg.. he said he was worried my leg was going to go away.

    poor thing


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