Tuesday, September 22, 2009

John MIchael's art work.

Well just 24 hours ago I was asking for advice on JM and his bed wetting, it seems that had I just waited a day I would have had the confirmation that I needed. Today the kids did not go to school, as they were closed due to the floods in Georgia, thank goodness we were not part of the flooding and nor was our school, just a safety thing for flooded roads.

So today the kids did an art project, they each drew pictures, Kalies was the typical kitty and her, dougs was bulldozers and dirt, JM's was what his little mind thought was going on with mommy's foot, it was a serious of pictures and in one of them I was in bed and had only one foot. I talked to him about the pictures and he said he did not know why the doctor cut my foot but it scared him.

So we reassured him that mommy was okay and that my foot was healing and the doctor cut it to make it better.

So the poor man is worried and stressed about mommy.

I am going to take him with me to the doctor on Friday so he can see them cut the cast off and put the new bandages on, so maybe he will see that mommy is okay.

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  1. Bless his little heart. It's amazing how they are so much more sensitive than we often give them credit for.


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