Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SPD advice and help from Homeschool101

This is a response to my last post and I think it is so well written and such great advice for parents dealing with SPD, and the "help" we get from others that it needed to be shared with everyone.

One thing I can say to this post is this: I know your pain when those talk behind your back, I have seen it first hand as I family with Special needs and a friend of mine has two with SPD. My reply to you I hope will encourage you to ignore what has been said even tho it can and will upset you. Turn with a smile and walk on.There will be times to address and times to look the other way. An other thing you and others can do is educate and make everyone aware of SPD.

There are some pretty rude people especially in todays world. I encourage you to find a way of comfort and security for you and your family and educate along the way. I have often thought about remarks said by others and ways to help educate or even get smarter with those bad mouthing by counter acting with educational humor. By this I mean find some way to humor with education to rude cruel remarks. Depending on the situation will determine your reply.. I can think of loads of ways to stop people in their tracks and turn the tables so that they are the ones feeling ignorant for their comment as well as feeling your pain.
By educating those as often as you can I assure you it can be a huge slap in the face to those bad mouthing or unaware and less understanding. The more educated others get the more they will begin catching themself or others in the bad mouthing and turn from a negative way to a positive way.

I also want to encourage you in one thing. There are children with the special needs all over. Each need an unconditional amount of love and support including dicipline. Many with Special are able to give all the above and others shy away from the dicipline using the disorder as an excuse to dicipline less. We all have to be dicipline at some point in order to grow and properly learn or experience in life. I am not saying you may be one, but keep in mind those who do do this also help make matters worse for parents like yourself. I have seen this and heard this often by those around me that I know personally with special needs. God love them all, they dont realize that they are hurting them by not showing the dicipline needed. All children are gifted and special in their own unique way. Some require more of everything then others do even in Special needs cases. Tho circumstances maybe different for some, ignoring or over looking because of a Special need disorder is no exception. These children will only love you more and learn to respect you as their parent as any parent trying to raise their children right in the nutty world we are in.

Just love your babies, Shelter them and raise and discipline how you feel is best and pray for direction on how you can educate others of the challenges you face on a daily basis.
Most importantly do not let every little thing get under your skin.

There are times when you honestly should be blunt in replying and there are times that you should lovingly turn your cheek. AS for your family maybe you could gather them all together for an evening of fellowship and share your feelings as to how they feel about you and your family and parenting. Then give them some education to all the challenges you face and disorders you are dealing with.

The only way you will get the support you need is by educating others. Good luck friend and God bless you.


  1. God Bless you friend! May you remember your a blessing to the father who loves you unconditionally and may you be surrounded in his peace. Your little bundles of joy are gifts from the Lord and he will guide you through the valley and never leave you a stray. Have a wonderful night!

  2. Friend, I stopped back in I had looked your blog over to see if you have linked up with the homeschool lounge. I would love to invite you to join us and hang out. There are lots of groups to meet up with and others who I am sure can relate to your situation. Come on by and dont forget to drop in and see me. God bless you friend. :p)

  3. You are very welcome and thank you so much. I did go register for membership at your site. I am not sure I will "fit" in with everyone as I more than likely will not homeschool, but I could get some ideas on how to help my kids at school.

    I wish I had the patience to home school.


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