Thursday, September 24, 2009

My saving grace over the past week

So over the past week I have had to resort to crutches and a roll about to help me get around the house, do things etc.

The roll about was a loaner from a friend of mine and I have to say it has truly made life easier for all of us. With crutches you can get off balance and fall easier than you can with the roll about and it allows me to get around the house with more ease.

In addition to that my mil was thankful enough to get me what is called crutch coozies, they are awesome come in all sorts of colors and styles, even leopard print. Gone are the days of wrapping wash cloths or dish cloths around the tops of your crutches to keep from hurting your arms. Now you just need to get crutch coozies to save you the fun of being seen out with dish cloths around your cruthes. I have pimped out my crutches so to speak.

So here are pictures of the items I am talking about, and a picture of my foot. I am very happy to say that this very hot, soft cast will be removed tomorrow and I will move on to the walking boot. However I will remain non weight bearing for some time.

The site for the crutch coozies is

I am not getting paid for these post, or reviews, this is simply an account of what has helped me with the hope that it can help others.

Thanks again for reading.. I will update after my doctors appointment tomorrow.

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  1. ohh ur getting well now.. hope after getting that cast.. u feel better more.. take care always


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