Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Childern learning "more" than I want them to learn.

I knew it was going to happen, as children go off to school they are exposed to different nationalities, different kids of different back grounds, families that have different rules etc than what we do at home. In previous years they have been in a private church ran preschool, so my concerns were not as great as they are now.

I am sad to say that in the short time they have been in school they have picked up some new behaviors and learned some things that we are having to unlearn at home. To start off my weekend Douglas was very proud to show me that he knew how to flip people off. Granted at age five he has no idea what he is doing nor what it means. I sat down with him (when we got home from church, as this is where he showed me his new skill) and explained that while it may not seem like it to him that doing that is not a very nice thing and not something that we do. He went on to tell me who in his class showed him how to do this and that this "friend" thought it was funny. I told him that if his friend did it again he was to simply tell him that what he is doing makes God sad and it is not a nice thing to do. I am proud to say that when he got home on Monday that he said he informed his friend that he was making God sad.

Then Monday morning as I was getting JM's clothes out he informed me. " Mommy, Morgan from my class gets behind me and pulls my underwear up my but" so now a girl, of all things, is giving my JM a wedgie, again JM thought it was funny and laughed about it. I spoke with him and told him that this was not a very nice thing to do to your friends and he should tell an adult when she does it. I then had to of course tell him that it was not something that was acceptable behavior for him to do either.

Kalie came home yesterday telling the boys they were fagots and to suck her balls. Now she did not hear this at school it came from a friend in the neighborhood. I am very good friends with the mom and know that I need to say something to her. I just do not know how to approach her with this, we are very good friends. And I know that the person that said it has some issues, I do not want to add to her plate so to speak, but on the other hand I have to let her know that her son is saying these things around the young girls.

Now how to explain to Kalie that well she does not have balls and that neither of these sayings is acceptable.

I am also having issue sright now with JM saying Stupid and Frikin, so Frikin is not really that bad but it is the context in which he is saying it. I have tried many things to get him to stop and would love suggestions on things that have worked for you.

Thanks again, Constant reader

on a side note, please say prayers for us on Thursday, that is our big surgery date.

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