Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three days post surgery doing well

I am starting to get my energy back and am able to move around better, I am three day sin and would give anything to remove this soft cast from my let, it is going to be a very long six weeks.

My pain is much better, I have not been waking up at night and seem to be making it longer in the day time without medication. Which is a good thing.

The kids are enjoying their time with nana, they watched Notre Dame play with us yesterday, KR was so cute in the end when they managed to win the game. I wish I would have had a video camera on to film her. It was priceless.

So I have another day in bed, or resting, not moving around very much this is getting old fast. You can only watch so many movies and read so many magazines.

Friday will be here soon and I will get to move to the "smasher" as the kids call it. After which I will have one to two more weeks of non weight bearing.. fun times..

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