Thursday, September 03, 2009

Good week at school

We are having a much better week at school this week, the kids seem to have been going through an adjustment period and now they seem to have settled into a new routine and are used to things. They really enjoy going and are liking their teachers and new friends that they are making.

Life seems to be setting in for us again, getting into a routine, every day things seem easier.

I went to Appleseeds yesterday and am going to create a word wall for them, to help them learn their site words. I will post pictures once I am done. In addition I got bob books and site word books. I had Douglas and Kalie sitting to read them last night. I got a site word card game that I am playing with JM. He learns better this way.

Who knew that it would mean I would be going back to school as well.

Now to the fun part, I will be having ankle surgery in two weeks, my MIL is going to come and care for the kids. I am not 100% sure of all the details of the surgery yet, just that it can not be avoided and after six months of intensive rehab I will be back to knew. I will post more about the procedure as I learn more, I have a doctors appointment soon to go over all that will be done and why.


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