Friday, September 11, 2009

So proud of Douglas, he does listen after all

We have new neighbors moving in and with new neighbors comes moving trucks. Late yesterday afternoon the driver of the moving truck unconnected the back of the truck to leave for the day. He will return this am to finish the job.

Douglas and his best friend were playing, riding their bikes in front of his friends house. (a side road beside our house that is a culdesac) The truck did not turn down their road, but my sweet boy heard him crank up the big rig cab and immediately got off his bike and went behind his friend and pushed him out of the road and into the drive way telling him we have to be safe the truck is coming. He then went back and got his bike. The truck cab did not turn down the road, that does not matter, in my opinion what Douglas did was awesome. He did not care about his bike, just his friend.

The most important thing to him was his and his friends safety. I could not be more proud of my little man.

Safety camp did a world of good for the three of them. So when you think they do not hear you, that they do not understand or that they just do not care about safety, think again. They are listening and it does sink in.

On another note about them "hearing you" I already talk to them about drugs, smoking, alcohol etc. about two months ago we were at a local park and they saw someone smoking, JM looked at me and said very loudly, Mommy that is gross, it makes him stink and his lungs are going to turn black and he will die.

I am a strong believer in telling them often and telling them early on in life that smoking, drinking and drugs are bad, no child is too young to here these things in my opinion and it is something we should preach from an early age with the hope that when the time comes it will be instilled in them that this is something that we do not do. It worked with my baby sister, all I can do is hope and pray that it will work with my three. I have seen what that road in life can do to someone first hand, I have an older sister who is a drug addict. So please tell your children, and tell them often.. Just say NO....

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