Friday, August 07, 2009

Open House night at school

Who knew there was so much stuff for kids in kindergarten. I had one hour to met three teachers, the speech therapist, ot, and sign them up for lunch and get their agenda's. I felt like I was the tornado running through the school, which if I must say was a mad house.

Now I must get organized and everything ready for Monday morning, it seems to never end.

The boys were very excited about their class rooms, in fact their favorite part was the pencil sharpeners. Who would have thought that a pencil sharpener could be so much fun. To my five year olds they were.

I am very excited about their teachers and where their class rooms are located. Kalie is sitting at a table full of blond hair little girls. She will love that. I hate that she did not get to go last night but then again it would have just been that much more fun for mommy had she been with me.

Douglas and Kalie have their first homework assignment. Yes, I am serious. Douglas has to place items in a small white bag that represent who he is (train and helicopter I told him we should put a picture of him, Kalie and JM as well. Kalie has to do a picture story, pictures of her family and favorite things.

So the fun begins.

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  1. wow I can't wait to hear more from you.. My two kids are in school now too..

    I am following your blog now and hope you will do the same :)

    Make or Break


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