Saturday, August 15, 2009


It occurred to me that I rarely post about their dad, my husband the man that helped to make all of this possible.

K really is a great father, he goes above and beyond for me and the children. I could not ask for a better husband or dad for the kids. He is always there, helping every steep of the way, always has been. He never blinked when I needed him to get up two or three times a night to help me with feeding them when they were babies, then as they grew he continued to change diapers. help with potty training, help with what ever I needed help with. Even now at the age of five he feeds them dinner every night and puts them to bed. He also does bath time.

I do not believe we could have a better father for the kids or husband for me.

Do not get me wrong we have our moments, like all married couples we have out times, our fights, our issues. Having multiples has not always been the easiest thing in the world, there has been fights, times that we were so tired from lack of sleep that we could hardly kiss good night (much less anything else) Then there is the stress of having three babies at once, premature ones that puts so much stress on a marriage, the hospital visits, then the sleepless nights.

Through it all K was my rock, the one thing in my life that was constant and secure during all the hard times was K.

So while I may complain about him from time to time, while I may not always show how much I appreciate all he does for our family he is the rock that keeps me going, a great husband and an awesome father.

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  1. very sweet! I understand the stress it would cause on a marriage. It's so understandable. It sounds like you two have a great relationship. :)


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