Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Who would think that not having cable and internet for three days would have such an impact on someone. Friday night we had a bad electrical storm in the area and as a result we lost internet and cable till late yesterday afternoon (Monday). This incident helped me to see how much we depend on this service it also showed me that I really do not need the internet as much as I think I do. I spent so much time with the kids playing outside and we even all went to eat dinner, seeing how there was nothing else to do, as my husband said. We had a great weekend as a family. So I challenge all of you to turn off the computer and television and spend time talking to your children this week.

As a family we have committed to be unplugged for a certain amount of time every week, we will not answer our phones, my husband is not allowed to check his crackberry and I have to stay off my computer. We will have family time.

On another note, school is going great for the kids. JM is adjusting very well and they are thriving on being in separate classes. I think that right now the person benefiting the most is Douglas, he told me mom. I do not have to worry about JM and KR now. He is my caretaker of the three. This is giving him the chance to be a happy boy, a fun easy relaxed child.

Other than that there is not much new in our household this week.

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