Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tomorrow is our big day.

I would be lying if I said that I have not wanted this day to come for some time, do not get me wrong I want this. I need this, but a part of me is still sad. Sad that this 5.5 years has gone by so fast, that they are old enough to go off to school and will be riding the bus tomorrow. It is so hard to believe that this time has gone by and that they are going to be leaving me tomorrow.

They have not been my babies for a very long time, this is just a big step for all of us. So tomorrow when you are having your coffee think about me, say a little prayer that all of us get through this day, even if a tear or two is shed.

My babies are making a very important step tomorrow, one onto a big yellow bus.

This picture was take when they were two months old, they had not been home from the hospital for long. They have come such a long way in five years..


  1. They will be just fine. Not sure if you will make it. It will be harder for you than for them.

  2. so sweet. They are so precious!


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