Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do with my time?

Now that is something I never thought I would say again. The past five years of my life has been devoted to my children. I have been busy making sure they have everything they need, running them to therapy, school and various events. Now they are in school, they get on the bus at seven and get off at three. I have so much time and not much to do. I have put my name at the school to volunteer in the classrooms, lunch room etc.

In addition I have started to help out at the church every day for two to three hours, doing various office work that is needed. I just started this week and am very blessed that I have some thing to do other than clean house all day long. While to some it may not seem like much, shredding documents, cleaning the sanctuary, and preparing the bulletins, it is still God's work and I am sure that our family will be blessed by my being a small part of making our great church work and run as it does.

School is going great for the kids, really great. John Michael has had some minor issues over the last few weeks but nothing that is too concerning.

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