Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feeling like a slacker mom

So since school started I have not been that involved in their school. I thought it would not be fair to them for me to be room mom of one class and not one of the other ones. So I did not sign up for that, I was worried about how they would handle my being in their room to help out so I have not volunteered. I have not gone to have lunch with them as I wanted them to adjust to being in school first. So basically I have done homework, and well that is about it.

I do communicate with the teachers and have tole them that if they have things I can do at home to please send it, as well right now I am kind of not able to move around that well. I am thinking that starting when I can walk again I may start to volunteer and help out more. I feel like I need to be more involved in their school and what they are doing.

I just have no idea where to start.

Okay pity party over..


  1. Can you volunteer every other week in their classes? rotate your time. I could see going in to all of their classes every week would be a lot but I let parents come in every other week or once a month. I do think it is important to volunteer in your kids classes.

  2. I think it might be a good thing that you are unable to participate right now. It gives the kids the space to figure things out on their own and that creates self confidence. This could be a blessing. When they have adjusted, and you are able to walk then you can start volunteering but even then it might be better to volunteer where the kids won't see you. When I volunteered for my daughter's class last year, kindergarten, she became disruptive, not in a bad way but just talking more than she usually does, which is a lot. It was more helpful if I worked on projects that did not involve her class. Anyway I hope you feel better soon.


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